Temporary Car Insurance Under 21

A temporary car insurance under 21 or short term car insurance for new drivers under 21 is often more expensive than regular short term car insurance. Car insurance for under 21 can be a difficult and costly issue. This age-group is considered to be high-risk by insurance providers and as a result pay higher premiums.

If you only plan to use a vehicle for part of the year then it’s cheaper to take out a short term car insurance policy. Under 21 short term car insurance is perfect if you only use your car in the winter or for a couple of months in the summer, as it will be cheaper than getting insured for the whole year. Remember though it is illegal to drive a car without insurance. So take time to check when your insurance runs out. If you plan to carry on driving make sure you renew your temporary car insurance under 21 policy.

When you don’t own your own vehicle a short term car insurance under 21 is great if you have passed your driving test. In these cases you may occasionally want to hire a car and take your buddies on a road trip. Short term car insurance is perfect for these instances, and can be used to insure yourself for one day and up to a month.

Quotes for Short Term Car Insurance

Car insurance for under 21s is notoriously pricey; young drivers are considered more dangerous on the road, and represent greater risk for insurance companies. As a result the cost of insurance for an under 21 is often well above the national average. Therefore it is even more important to make sure that you shop around to get the best deal. Different insurance companies have different price ranges, and offer differing policies.

You can use comparison websites to easily compare what is on offer, and then it is a good idea to contact your chosen company and ask them to provide you with a quote. To get the best price gather car insurance quotes from several companies, and see which one can offer you the best deal.

Temporary car insurance under 21

Temporary car insurance under 21: time frames

One day car insurance under 21

If you’re specifically looking for a one day car insurance it could be tempting to get insurance in the name of someone over 21. This is obviously illegal and if you have an accident your insurance will not pay. You will probably get a custodial sentence and fined if you are caught driving with no insurance. If you are caught driving under a false one day car insurance under 21 policy you will certainly get points on or loose your driving licence.

However one day insurance for car is great if you want to use other peoples cars, (with permission obviously) or when renting cars. Car sharing groups will require short term car insurance as well. Car sharing is becoming ever more popular as people are realizing they do not need to own a car. Car sharing and one day car insurance go hand in hand and both save you money.

One month car insurance

A one month car insurance can be ideal in some situations. Say you wanted to rent or borrow a car to drive for a short period, no more than 28 days, it would be silly to take out a full years car insurance or even six month car insurance as it would cost you more. One month car insurance or a 28 day car insurance policy would suite many people. Short term car insurance is often used if you do not own a car or need a bigger car/van to travel in, needs depending of course.

Short term car insurance for under 21

Short term car insurance for under 21 ‘s can be a favourable option, say if you wanted to borrow a parent, relative or friends car for a limited period of time. It may work out cheaper taking a short term car insurance for under 21 policy instead of the persons car you are borrowing adding you on their own insurance. You can get quotes on this directly from insurance companies or by using a comparison site.

Insure learner driver

At insurelearnerdriver.co.uk you can get insurance policies geared up to suite learner drivers. This is the easiest way to find the best cover and cheapest deals to insure learner driver. The insurance cover provided here is all about the new driver be it be under 21 car insurance or over 21, remember old people pass their driving tests too.

Car Insurance – Just Passed

Most under 21s have just passed but the newest of drivers, those who have passed their test within the last 12 months, can expect to pay the highest insurance premiums. As a whopping one-in-five people crash within their first year driving. Insurance costs, even short term, are at their highest in this case and you really need to look around for the best deal. Some companies offer deals for just passed drivers and there are other ways to lower insurance costs, such as a the black box insurance plan.

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