Aviva Short Term Car Insurance

Aviva is among the largest insurers in the UK, offering a wide variety of insurance products such as pet, car, van home, travel insurance and Aviva learner driver insurance. They provide long term and short term car insurance policies.

In some cases, there is no need to buy an annual insurance cover. For instance, if you are going on a trip with your friend’s car because yours is in the garage, it is not practical to buy 12 months car insurance. In such a scenario, Aviva short term car cover best suits your case.

Short Term Car Insurance Aviva

Aviva offers short term car insurance for a short period you want to drive. They provide short term car insurance in the following scenarios.

  • Shared driving. Aviva offers shared driving insurance so that you don’t have to buy your own policy for the period you will be sharing driving duties.
  • Borrowed car. If you are going on a trip for a few days, you don’t have to buy your own insurance policy. Instead, Aviva makes it easy by providing short term car insurance.
  • Test driving. If you are a learner driver and want to learn how to drive, you can buy Aviva short term car insurance, which will also cover you when doing a test drive.

Aviva’s Short Term Car Insurance Coverage

If you buy short term car insurance form Aviva, you will be covered for the following:

  • Loss, damage, and theft. If you buy a fully comprehensive short term cover, you are protected against loss theft and damage, making a claim will not affect your no-claims discount in your main policy.
  • Legal claims. If a person is injured and you are required to compensate them, the insurance will cover the costs.
  • Emergency treatment. In case of an accident and you or any of your passengers are injured, the cover will cater for the emergency treatment costs.
  • Compensation. If your car is written off or it can’t be fixed on the roadside, the insurance will compensate you.
  • EU coverage. If you are going for a trip abroad within the EU, the insurance provides you with limited coverage while you are driving within the EU.

However, Aviva does not cover tyres, electrical breakdowns, and unnamed driver in its short term car insurance. Make sure to read the policy document before committing yourself to Aviva’s short term car insurance.

In addition to the short term cover, you can choose to add optional products. They include:

  • Full EU cover, which is a comprehensive cover. The cover will provide you with comprehensive benefits any time you are driving abroad but within the EU.
  • Breakdown assistance. The insurance will provide roadside assistance when your car breaks down.

How to Make a Claim with Aviva

Anytime you want to make a claim, you can talk to Aviva’s customer service. Make sure to inform the insurer immediately the incident has happened. To make a claim, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Your car insurance policy details
  • Narrate the incident
  • Provide information on any injury or damage
  • Provide the names of the people involved in the incident. They can be witnesses, third parties, or passengers.

Benefits of Aviva Short Term Car Insurance

  • They have comprehensive car insurance as the standard cover
  • Your protection can begin instantly after signing up
  • Whenever you make a claim for short term car insurance, it does not affect your main policy cover

Cons of Aviva Car Insurance

  • They offer a limited third party cover with the EU. However, you can get add an optional cover
  • The maximum coverage period for short term car insurance is 30 days
  • Pays upfront only

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