28 Days Car Insurance

28 days car insurance is short-term car insurance covering a car for one month. 28 days car insurance is essential when you need to drive a car for a short time, which does not exceed one month. Taking an annual insurance cover is more expensive than taking 28 days car insurance for the period you will be driving.

You can use it when you borrow a car for a trip. If you are moving your house, you should get temporary van insurance tailored to a van’s requirements. Short term car insurance, also known as temporary car insurance, is valid for between 1hour and 28 days.

28 Days Car Insurance Price Comparison

To get a 28 days car insurance quote, you need to compare different insurance offers, e.g, by visiting Compare the Market where you can compare various 28 days insurance quotes. You can also compare prices using Moneysupermarket. They compare prices from their a list of different insurers.

What Does 28 Days Car Insurance Provide?

28 days car insurance has a wide range of coverage. Most covers provide the following:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • One day car insurance
  • Learner driver cover
  • Student cover
  • Coverage for drivers below 18 years who meet driving requirements

What is Covered by 28 Days Car Insurance

Loss, theft and damage. Comprehensive 28 days car insurance will help you claim for loss, theft or damages without affecting your no-claims discount.
Accident recovery. The insurance will help you fix a car in case of an accident by getting you an approved repairer.
Emergency treatment. If you are involved in an accident and you get injuries, the policy covers emergency medical expenses.
Legal liability. The policy provides coverage for legal liabilities from third parties if you destroy their property or injure someone.

Best 28 Days Car Insurers UK

The following are some insurers that you can use for short term car insurance.

  • SafelyInsured. It covers drivers over 19 years and the policy is valid for between 1 and 84 days. The maximum value of a car is 60,000 euros, with a standard excess of 500 euros.
  • DayInsure. The insurance is for drivers aged 19 years and above. The policy term ranges between 1 hour and 30 days. The maximum value of a car should be 60,000 euros while the standard excess is 250 euros.
  • Cuvva. The policy is for drivers aged 19 years and above, and the policy term ranges between 1 hour and 28 days. The value of the car should not exceed 40,000 euros, while the standard excess varies.
  • Temppcover.com. The policy is available for drivers aged 18 years and above, while the policy term ranges between 1 hour and 28 days.

Can I Get 28 Days Car Insurance for One Day?

Yes. Most 28 days car insurance has a policy period f between 1 hour and 28 days. You must be above 18 years of age for some insurers and you need to have a clean driving record. It is cheaper to get short-term car insurance than canceling annual insurance cover in most cases. You can take the policy in the following scenarios.

  • Borrowing a car for a test drive
  • Driving within the UK for a day
  • Borrowing a car to drive for pleasure

Does 28 Days Car Insurance affect my Primary Policy when I Claim?

Whenever you make a claim for 28 days insurance or any other short term insurance, it does not affect your no-claims discount for your main policy. It is entirely separate from the primary policy and hence you can claim without affecting your no claims discount for your other long-term policy.