Veygo Temporary Insurance Review

Veygo offers short-term car insurance in the UK for both car owners and temporary drivers. It is a temporary car insurance for yourself or others who need to drive a car for a limited period. It caters to a wide range of scenarios, including learner drivers, friends or family members sharing a car, and individuals borrowing a vehicle for a specific task. Furthermore, it is a fully comprehensive insurance underwritten by Admiral.

How Does Veygo Temporary Car Insurance Work?

Unlike other short term policies in the UK like Admiral Temporary Car Insurance, you don’t need to have existing Veygo motor insurance to obtain temporary cover. Veygo temporary car insurance can be purchased online for as little as one hour, and you can choose the length of coverage that you need. You are allowed to buy up to 60 days before you want the cover to start.

To obtain Veygo temporary insurance, individuals must first complete an online application. The application process involves providing vehicle registration details, including the vehicle’s owner, along with personal information such as the driving licence number. This information enables Veygo to tailor a customized quote for the applicant. Once the application is submitted, individuals can review the quote and proceed with online payment to finalize their temporary insurance coverage. Unfortunately, extending your policy isn’t an option. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a new policy to ensure you have coverage from the moment your current one ends.

With Veygo, both the car owner and the temporary driver are insured. This eliminates the need for the temporary driver to rely on their own insurance policy or the owner’s ‘driving other cars’ extension, which often provides only third-party cover. Veygo’s policies allow for coverage ranging from one hour to 60 days. Additionally, the insurance process is quick and straightforward, enabling you to obtain coverage promptly.

Veygo temporary car insurance provides coverage for accidental damage to your vehicle, damage caused by theft, vandalism, or fire, lost or stolen car keys, and windscreen damage. However, it does not cover damage to a car left unattended with keys in the ignition or the cost of towing or releasing a car from impound.

Veygo One Day Insurance

VVeygo offers one day insurance as a flexible option for drivers who need temporary car coverage. This is perfect if you’re borrowing a car from a friend or family member and their insurance doesn’t extend to you. This temporary cover won’t affect the car owner’s no claims’ bonus. Veygo’s one-day policy is valid for 24 hours and offers comprehensive coverage, protecting you in case of accidents, theft, or damage. However, there are some limitations to be aware of. The insured car must be registered in the UK, less than 30 years old, and not a hire or rental vehicle. Veygo also restricts coverage to drivers with a clean licence, meaning no more than 9 penalty points and no disqualifications in the past year and a half.

Veygo Eligibility

To be eligible for Veygo temporary car insurance, drivers must meet the following criteria:

  • Age between 17 and 75. If you are 17-21, you need to have held your licence for a minimum of 6 months before insuring your own car (no minimum duration if sharing a car)
  • Hold a full, valid UK driving licence
  • Have a maximum of 9 penalty points and no disqualifications in the past 18 months
  • Obtain the car owner’s permission and agree to assume responsibility for obtaining appropriate coverage

Additionally, the insured vehicle must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be less than 40 years old
  • Be registered in the UK
  • Not be a hire or rental vehicle (leased vehicles are acceptable)

How to Use Veygo Short Term Insurance

There are many reasons why you might need temporary car insurance, such as borrowing a parent’s car, driving only during university term time, sharing the driving duties on a road trip, staying with friends, moving house, learning to drive (driving test), buying a car, test-driving a car, helping out in an emergency, or getting your car repaired.

How Much Is Veygo Temporary Car Insurance?

Veygo temporary car insurance costs vary depending on the duration of coverage chosen:

  • £7.30 for one hour
  • £54.50 for a week
  • £176 for a month

In addition to the duration of coverage, several factors can influence the cost of Veygo temporary car insurance. A history of insurance claims, even if you were not at fault, can lead to higher premiums. Similarly, the type of car you insure plays a role, with safer cars with smaller engines or those in lower insurance groups generally attracting lower premiums. Additionally, the amount you choose to pay as an excess in case of a claim, known as the car insurance excess, impacts the overall policy cost.

Is Veygo Temporary Insurance Good?

Veygo temporary car insurance is a good option for drivers who need coverage for a short period of time. It is relatively affordable and easy to obtain, and it provides coverage for a variety of situations, including borrowing a car, driving at university, or sharing the driving duties on a road trip.

Veygo’s temporary car insurance operates independently of the vehicle’s annual insurance policy. Consequently, any claims made through Veygo will not impact the car owner’s no-claims bonus, and the owner is not required to declare the claim on their annual insurance policy.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing Veygo temporary car insurance. First, the coverage is limited to a certain amount, so you may need to purchase additional coverage if you are concerned about damaging the car. Second, the policy does not cover all types of vehicles, so you will need to make sure that your car is eligible. For instance, your car needs to be less than 40 years old. Third, the policy is only available in the UK and its comprehensive cover extends to driving in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. When driving abroad, your policy will provide the minimum level of coverage required for the country you are in. However, please note that Veygo does not offer coverage for drivers with 6-digit Northern Irish licences.

Finally, there’s a compulsory excess of £750 (although in some cases this can be reduced as low as £250). Compulsory excess refers to a fixed amount you, the policyholder, must pay towards any claim you make. This amount is non-negotiable.

Veygo Alternatives and Competitors

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