Admiral Car Insurance Temporary Cover

Admiral is among the top car insurance providers in the UK. The insurance provides both long term and short term car insurance. If you are a young driver, you can get a cheaper car insurance quote, the little box cover that uses black box technology.

Admiral has introduced a new brand; Veygo. Veygo is meant to provide insurance to temporary drivers without cars. In this case, if you share your car, you and the borrower are covered. It means that a learner driver or someone borrowing your car gets short term car insurance cover.

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Short Term Car Insurance Admiral

If you want to add an extra car or driver to your existing car insurance, it is easy. You just need to call Admiral Customer service and get one right away. Temporary car insurance is important when you are using the car for a short period. It can be one-day car insurance, one week, one month or even 6 months car insurance.

For Admiral, temporary car insurance is usually fully comprehensive. This means that you are fully covered whenever you buy temporary car insurance even when your annual car insurance is third party car insurance only or third party, theft and fire cover.

Admiral Car Insurance add a Temporary Driver

With admiral car insurance, adding a temporary driver is easy. If someone, maybe your child wants to drive your car dor a short period, you can add them to your policy. The coverage period for a temporary additional driver ranges between 2-12 hours, 30 days or 90 days. You need to know that if a temporary driver crashes your car and makes a claim, it will affect your no claims discount.

When Do You Need Temporary Car Insurance

On some occasions, you might need temporary car insurance. The following are some instances when you might need one.

  • When you are sharing your car or borrowing a car from a friend
  • When you are going on a road trip and you will share the car with your friends
  • When you are training to the driver. You can also opt for learner driver insurance.
  • If you are hiring a van to move house
  • If you want to add to the main policy for a short period

Admiral Classic Car Insurance

You can get classic car insurance with Admiral starting from as low as £112. Admiral classic car policy considers a car to be classic if it is between 35 and 70 years old. It should also be valued between £1,000 and £25,000.

Little Box Insurance for Young Drivers

Getting cheap car insurance for a young driver is very difficult; as such, Admiral offers Little Box insurance that is suited got young drivers. It uses telematics (black box) technology. The insurer determines the premiums you will pay for the cover, depending on how you drive. This is because the insurer can monitor how you drive in terms of how you accelerate, brake, and corner.

Little box insurance is beneficial since it comes with a car tracking system that can help you when your car is stolen. It is also better compared to standard car insurance since you have no restrictions f driving at night. However, if you frequently drive past 10 pm, your premiums will be relatively higher.

Levels of Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral car insurance offers three levels of car insurance. Third-Party car insurance is the basic level of car insurance in the UK.

  • Third-Party. The cover insures you against claims from third parties due to injuries or damages to their property. This cover does not protect your car you will have to meet the cost of repairs to your car.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT). This cover has Third-Party coverage and besides, it covers your car if it is stolen or damaged by fire. The cover does not cover damages to your car as a result of an accident you are at fault. Essentially, it covers damages to your car as a result of a fire and attempted theft or when your vehicle is stolen.
  • Fully comprehensive. The fully comprehensive cover pays out for everything in the TPFT. It also pays out in cases when your car needs repair or replacement as a result of an accident you are at fault. Other coverage includes personal injuries and windscreen repair.

Comprehensive car insurance with Admiral will give you the following benefits.

  • Medical expenses
  • Child seat replacements
  • Windscreen cover
  • Foreign travel for 90 days within the EU
  • 24/7 emergency helpline

You might want to get an additional cover that includes modification cover, legal motor protection, key care cover, car hire cover and breakdown cover.