Learner Driver Insurance

Learning how to drive can be exciting and at the same time expensive. It is because you need to have a provisional license and also the car must have learner driver insurance. Other costs come along the way like costs associated with driving test. It would help if you found ways on how you can save some money when you are training how to drive.

What is Learner Driver Insurance?

Learner driver insurance is an insurance policy taken by a provincial license holder when learning how to drive. The cover can be used even during a driving test.

Compare Learner Driver Insurance

To get fair insurance prices for your car for learners, you need to compare proves online. Money Supermarket works with many insurance companies and it will help you compare prices and land on the best deal. You can also get a quote and compare it with that of other insurers using Compare the Market.

Levels of Car Insurance for Learners

If you are a learner and you have a provisional license, then you qualify to get the follow car insurance levels.

  • Third-Party Only. It covers you against claims by third parties like the driver of the other car in case of an accident. The cover does not protect you and your vehicle.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft. It has the same coverage as the third party only. In addition, it covers your car against damages as a result of a fire and attempted theft.
  • Fully Comprehensive. A fully comprehensive cover protects you against claims by third parties and also protects you as the driver and the car. It can also pay you as a result of damages to your vehicle caused by fire or attempted theft.

Car Insurance for Learners

The following are some of the insurance policies you need to consider for learners.

  • Short term car insurance covers. If you are using someone else's car for your driving lessons, you might take a short term car insurance cover for a few months. Make sure you have a qualified instructor to train you.
  • Annual cover. You can get car insurance cover lasting for a whole year. When you are through with your driving lessons, you can opt to cancel the cover or update it. However, be aware that there are costs associated with the cancellation. Also, premiums are usually higher for a driver between 17 and 18 years. It is because younger drivers are considered riskier and have higher chances of claiming.
  • Named driver cover. If you know a person who has an insurance policy and owns a car, you can add yourself as a named driver. It is cheaper to a named driver but expensive to the main driver who pays premiums.

Learner Driver Insurance Cost

On average, a learner driver insurance cost 40% less compared to a full insurance cover for learners with provincial licenses. It is because any learner will need the help of an experienced driver for training. You can reduce the cost of your car insurance through the following measures:

  • Choosing a car with a smaller engine and a cheaper model
  • Becoming a named driver instead of buying your own policy
  • Getting a telematics/ black box cover for learners
  • Get only the most important aspects of an insurance policy by trimming your insurance policy

Additional Cover to Learner Driver Insurance

Apart from the most important aspects of car insurance for a learner driver, you can take additional coverage to your policy. Some of the extra cover you might want includes:

  • Legal cover. It pays for your legal fees during insurance claims
  • Breakdown cover. It pays for the cost of any roadside assistance you may need
  • Personal accident cover. It covers you in case of an injury or death of the learner during an accident.