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Our mission is to equip our audience with insurance literacy and help them get value for their money.

It is amazing how insurance has shaped local and international commerce. We realize that insurance is critical in shaping economies in different countries. As we go on, we keep on learning more about insurance in different countries. We create a link between present-day insurance and in-depth knowledge about insurance from the past.

Insurance Categories

car insurance

Car Insurance

It’s an offence to use or to let others use a car without insurance. One of the best ways to find a good car insurance is to compare insurances online.

Health & Life Insurance

Life insurances can be very interesting if you want to minimize the financial risk of getting injured or sick. Compare and get the best deal available.

person standing beside the luggage bags

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is getting more and more popular for when travelling abroad. You can get money back when stuff gets lost, or when other damages occur.

business insurance

Business Insurance

Businesses may need different types of insurances. From special car insurance to indemnity insurance. What you need depends mostly on your type of business.

gadget insurance

Gadget Insurance

Phones and laptops are increasingly getting insured, as they can break or be stolen. But did you know there are also other type of insurances that cover this?

property insurance

Property Insurance

Property insurances are available for all sorts of property, such as houses, and garages. Also for unoccupied houses and landlord insurance.

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