Life insurance


Life Insurances for Over 50 in UK

Life insurance for over 50s and over is something that you need to have if you are aged 50. If you have a family that depends on you, then this is something that you shouldn’t miss. Making a well-informed decision will help your dependents. It is not something that you need to wait until you …

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30 Year Term Life Insurance

A majority of life insurance companies are issuing longer-term life periods, not only in the UK but also in other countries. With most insurers, the 30 year life insurance is the longest period offered. To get the best deal, you can compare different insurers, while you can also get a 30 year term life insurance …

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Getting quotes for a life insurance

People, generally, look for ways and means to guarantee financial protection for their families, in the unfortunate event of their death. Life insurance is one investment that would provide the family with a lump sum amount in case of your death. Now that you are ready to invest in life insurance, you first need to …

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Endowment Insurance

It can be quite confusing when looking for an insurance policy. You need to decide whether you want a life insurance policy or an endowment insurance policy. Endowment Insurance Definition Endowment life insurance policy is a savings plan whereby you contribute to a certain lump sum. You or your beneficiaries receive the lump sum after …

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