Adrian Flux Temporary Insurance

Adrian Flux is an experienced insurance broker offering a wide variety of insurance products ranging from car insurance, van insurance, motorhomes, learner driver insurance and home insurance. The company has over 30 years of experience in dealing with insurance. It is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

To qualify for Adrian Flux’s temporary car insurance, you must be above 22 years of age. Your car must be valued at £25,000 or less. You can get temporary insurance for your van, car or bike. The policy coverage period can range from one-day insurance, weekly, one month, or even 6-months insurance.

Temporary Car Insurance

There are many instances when you might need short term car insurance. In some instances, instead of buying annual car insurance, you might find it cheapest to buy short term car insurance. The following are some occasions when you might need one.

  • When borrowing a car for a short period
  • When going on a holiday abroad
  • When children are using your car
  • When hiring a van to move house

Adrian Flux’s temporary car insurance as wide coverage. It has the following coverage.
Fire and theft for your car and third party, third-party liability, optional breakdown cover and optional excess protection

Adrian Flux’s Temporary Insurance Levels

The basic insurance in the UK for all vehicles is Third Party insurance. However, for temporary car insurance, Adrian Flux does not offer the basic cover. Here are the other levels of temporary car insurance they offer.

  • Third-Party Fire and Theft. It covers third parties’ car and property against damages when you are the cause of an accident. It also covers your car against fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive. If you cause an accident and third parties’ property or cars are damaged, it will cover you against the liability. It also covers you and your car.

Adrian Flux Travel Insurance

With Adrian Flux, you can get flexible travel insurance. You can opt for a single trip cover or multi-trip cover. The cover will help you cover all your travel insurance needs. You can get a single trip insurance cover starting from £10 and multi-trip cover starting from £20. You can get additional covers like medical cover for any emergency medical needs or pre-existing medical conditions. Besides, you can opt to get a couple or family cover so that your partner and children are included in your cover.

Here are some options for Adrian Flux’s travel insurance.

  • Winter sports
  • Golf holidays
  • Business travel
  • Wedding travel
  • Travel cancelation

Why Choose Adrian Flux Insurance

The following are the benefits you will enjoy from Adrian Flux Insurance.

  • Making a claim for temp cover insurance won’t affect your annual policy.
  • You can start using temporary instantly.
  • You can get additional covers alongside the temporary insurance.
  • Get flexible insurance depending on the coverage period you select
  • You can get temporary insurance even if you don’t have an annual cover.

How to Make a Claim With Adrian Flux

You need to call the claims’ helpline that is available 24/7 once an accident has occurred. You will need to provide policy details, your contacts, and describe what happened. It would be best if you can take a photo. Make sure to indoor the insurer as soon as possible. Failure to do so would result in a denied claim.

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