1 month car insurance

There must have been instances in the past where you must have thought about if it is possible to get car insurances for very short periods of time which will be best considering your circumstances. There are certain situations where you do not need a long term insurance plan and a short term insurance cover definitely works in your favour. In these cases, a one month car insurance plan works the best for you.

You will be surprised to note that this type of car insurance plan has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom in the current times due to the changing needs of the users. The purpose of this niche cover is aptly achieved as it is a very flexible solution and also ensures that users are not wasting their hard-earned money on unnecessary insurances.


Different companies offer varied options and offers with their one-month car insurance plans, however, most of the insurance plans revolves around the features and aspects such as a plan for 1 to 28 days, immediate cover, facility of applying and paying online, etc. Most of the time this type of cover is applicable for both cars and vans and can be applied for drivers in the age range of 21-69 years. If you are not 21 years old yet you have to probably look for a longer term insurance. Also, these kind of insurance covers are comprehensive to third party covers and are very easy to apply for.

When to use

Short term insurance cover such as that for one month is extremely ideal in cases where you know that you will not be present in your country for a long period of time. In this manner, you can definitely save your money without investing in unnecessary expenses. Also, the purpose of using this type of insurance is good enough in cases when an individual has just purchased their new car and are planning to use the same immediately. The one month insurance is also apt for cases when the car has to be used across countries, e.g. when moving to Ireland or to the mainland, and also in these situations, the car owners will be better off with short term insurance plans as the usual insurance terms and period will not work apt for them.

If you’re looking for longer periods a six month car insurance can also be worth looking into.

One month car insurance quotes

Procuring one month car insurance plans is quite a stress free process as online processing of applications is possible. Also, consumers also benefitted from this option since the larger the number of providers, the better rates consumers can bargain for which is a very great approach in reducing insurance rates which is extremely advantageous to the clients.

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