Car Insurance Companies not on Comparison Sites

What car insurance companies are not on comparison sites? Whenever people are looking for car insurance quotes, they proceed directly to car insurance comparisons sites. It is because quotes have already been compared and all they need is to browse and select their choice of insurer. Many people believe that it is only through comparison sites where they can find the cheapest quotes. The truth of the matter is that it is not the case. Some insurance companies offering the best insurance quotes choose to remain unlisted.

Why are Some Insurance Companies Unlisted?

Some insurance companies prefer not to be listed on the comparison sites. It is because online comparison sites charge insurers a commission fee. Insurers choose not to be listed to save on listing fees. Therefore, you can find a cheaper quote from an insurer not listed online. As such, they can offer more affordable quotes to their customers.

Car insurance Companies Not Listed on Comparison Sites

The following are insurance companies that are not listed on comparison sites.

1. Direct Line

Direct Line works directly with its clients. The insurer has managed to offer competitive insurance prices by avoiding listing on comparison sites. The insurer provides courtesy car cover, stolen keys and personal accident as standard covers. It also provides discounts like no claims discount and multi-car insurance discount.

2. Aviva

Aviva is not listed on insurance comparison sites, yet it is among the UK’s largest insurers. They provide a wide range of car insurance products at competitive prices. Some of the standard car insurance covers they have include; vehicle recovery, motor injury protection and driver cover.

3. Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is the largest car insurer in the UK. It has a wide variety of car insurance products, including temporary covers and long term covers. Other standard covers available include courtesy car cover and windscreen cover. You can qualify for an insurance discount when you build a no claims bonus or insure more than one car.

4. Zurich

Zurich is another car insurance company not listed on comparison sites. They offer a wide variety of car insurance covers. One of its benefits is that when an insured driver hits your car while parked, you do not need to pay an excess.

5. Admiral

Admiral car insurance is not listed on comparison sites and you can use it and benefit from its great discounts, for every car you add to your policy, you get a discount. Therefore, it is an excellent option for multiple vehicles. Admiral has a new brand, Veygo which is offering temporary insurance to drivers without cars.

6. NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is an insurance company not listed on comparison sites; it is unique from other companies because it has agents located in different areas to help its customers get insurance of their choice. However, you can reach their central office through a call.

How to Get an Insurance Cover from an Insurer not Listed on Comparison Sites

Whether an insurer is listed on comparison sites or not, you need to look at their prices. Visit the insurer and request for an insurance quote. You also need to be sure what level of car insurance you want. There exist three basic level. The first level is third-party only, the second level third party fire and theft and the third level is called comprehensive cover. Also, consider whether you any additional covers like windscreen cover and other specialized policies like black box insurance.

To get a cheap insurance quote from an insurer not listed, you need to shop around. Note down the quotes that you get from different insurers so that you can later compare them. If you wish to bring down the cost of your car insurance, take advantage of discounts, for instance, you can build a no claims bonus to get better prices. Also, make sure to pay only for those things that you want to be covered against.