Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance cover or temporary car insurance is available for anyone with a driving license who requires temporary use of a vehicle. Policies can cover you for anything from one day, a week, a month or even 6 months. But just because you are only looking for short term car insurance does not mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to the offers and policies that are available to you. If you overlook this, especially if you are in a rush to secure a deal ready for your big weekend away, then you may end up paying much more.

Luckily it is very easy to do a quick comparison of short term car insurance offers. The ease of this comparison has made for a very competitive marketplace and many of the leading insurers offer similar prices. Make sure you also compare the finer details to get the best policy for your money.

In order to do a short term car insurance comparison you can compare different insurance offers, e.g. by visiting Compare the Market which is a good place to compare various offers for a short term insurance. A different comparing service is offered by Moneysupermarket. You will find many different temporary insurance companies there.

Short Term Car Insurance For New Drivers

New drivers pose more of a risk to short term car insurers. They are often young, inexperienced, and statistically speaking have a lot more accidents on the road. As a result the price of insurance is often higher for those who have been on the road less than a certain number of years (usually three), and can be significantly more expensive for people under the age of 25, and especially under the age of 21. See our article Temporary Car Insurance Under 21

This is obviously not going to stop your road trip, so you will want to look around for those companies who show a fair policy for insuring new drivers, or go with a company that specifically caters for new drivers and students.

Short Term Van Insurance

If you need to drive a van for a while, but do not require a 12 month insurance plan, then you can take out a short term van insurance policy for anything from a day to one month to 6 months. This is very useful for anyone in temporary need of a van, if you are moving house for example, or are collecting something large, or if you need one for work. For businesses, you can use short term van insurance to cover certain employees at a certain date. Be sure to take a look around to get the best insurance deal for your needs.

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