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6 month car insurance

Have you heard about the six month car insurance? This type of car insurance is gaining considerable popularity these days. Many cars are kept in the garage during Winter. And when Spring is coming it's time to find a good car insurance before you start driving again. People understand the importance of holding a flexible car insurance policy especially when thinking of visiting abroad for a limited period. There are many occasions in which car owners face the problem of traveling abroad when they also need to renew their car insurances. However, on further thinking you will realise that renewing the insurance for one whole year is not a feasible thing especially since you will not be using your car for the next whole year. In such scenarios, it is much better to go in for temporary car insurances such as the 6 month car insurance plan. Can you insure a car for 6 months? Yes!

Which companies?

When you look out for short term six month insurance cover, you will notice that there are only a few companies that offer this kind of insurance plan. The main and obvious reason for opting for this kind of insurance plan is the fact that it is relatively cheaper and quite cost effective from the annual cover. However, when you opt for such insurance plans make sure that you carry out your research in advance as there are certain companies whose rate for monthly plans are higher than the annual insurance plans. Carrying out your research well in advance is very important as this will help you to reduce unnecessary expenditure. You may also check if a traditional company like AXA can handle it.

Six month car insurance policy

Certain companies offer a six month car insurance policy with the same benefits as the annual cover: A real advantage which may also include free breakdown service, roadside repairs and certain plans also include home repairs. When you opt for an insurer, the given quote may last for a certain period of time and this will certainly allow you to look around for a cheaper quote. Also, when you deal with another company and tell them in advance that you have been already offered a quote for this amount, and then you are sure to be offered a cheaper quote so that they can further capture more business.

Six month car insurance plans also prove beneficial in the instances where in which you are planning to change your vehicle before a year’s time as a result of which it actually becomes futile to go in for a year’s car insurance. On such instances, it is better to go in for six month car insurances and that too from those kinds of companies which regularly deal with short term customers since if you go in with other kinds of companies there is a high chance that you might get overpriced even for temporary car insurances like the six month plan. Also, deriving your six month car insurance plan from that kind of company which usually supports the short term market is the best option as these companies will certainly cover useful features and also the premium will be of the same quality as the annual car insurance plan.

Compare six month car insurance companies

In all the right sense, a six month car insurance plan is definitely cost effective and a great option for saving your hard earned money. It still makes a lot of sense to go out and compare various companies.