Finding Affordable 6-Month Car Insurance: A Step-By-Step Guide

The importance of holding a flexible car insurance policy is easily understood, as there are many occasions when it isn’t feasible to renew your car insurance for a whole year. Especially if you don’t use your car on a daily or weekly basis. Many cars are kept in the garage during winter, so when spring approaches, it’s time to find a good car insurance before you get on the road again.

For this and other reasons, many people only need a six-month car insurance plan, not a full year. This type of short-term car insurance is gaining considerable popularity. We selected for you some insurance companies and comparison sites that can help to get the cheapest 6 month car insurance while receiving the best conditions.

To get the best 6 month car insurance quote, make sure to use online car insurance comparison sites.

The importance of holding a flexible car insurance policy is easily understood, as there are many occasions when it isn’t feasible to renew your car insurance for a whole year. Especially if you don’t use your car on a daily or weekly basis. This is why all sorts of short-term car insurance policies exist, such as month to month car insurance, one day car insurance, and 1 month car insurance.

Car insurance for 6 months only

Can you insure a car for 6 months? Yes! In fact, in numerous instances it is in your favour (financially) to opt for temporary car insurance plans such as the 6-month car insurance plan. If 6 months insurance is too much, you can even get 1 month temporary car insurance. There are even weekly car insurance plans as well as daily plans on a pay-as-you-go basis.

There are many circumstances where you may only require 6 months car insurance (or less). If you:

  • Go abroad in your vehicle for a limited time
  • Only drive in emergencies
  • Borrow someone else’s car
  • Work away a lot, so don’t drive at home often
  • Are moving house and need to drive a van

In such cases, you might be better off with a six-month car insurance or an even shorter temporary car insurance plan.

Short-term car insurance plans are good for people who own a second car or a classic car that they don’t drive all year round. Classic cars often only come out on sunny days and weekends and so paying for annual insurance can be wasted. This is where a cheap monthly car insurance plan could work better.

Short-term car insurance companies

What auto insurance companies offer 6-month policies? When you are on the hunt for 6 month insurance cover, you will notice that there are only a few companies that offer this kind of insurance plan. The main and obvious reason for opting for this kind of insurance plan is the fact that it is more cost-effective for you over annual cover. It provides coverage ranging between 1 hour and 28 days. You can buy 28 days car insurance if you want to drive for a period of less than a month.

When you opt for such insurance plans, make sure that you carry out your research in advance. There are certain companies whose rate for monthly plans are higher than the annual insurance plans. However, even if the payment for a 6 month insurance plan is more per month than yearly cover, you will often still be saving money. If you are not using the vehicle for months at a time why pay for it to be sat in a garage? Carrying out your research in advance is essential, as this will help you to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

1. Aviva short-term car insurance & RAC short-term car insurance

Aviva and the RAC do a short-term car insurance plan using Dayinsure or pay as you drive. They don’t currently have a specific plan for 6 months car insurance, though you could do back-to-back temporary insurance if that proves cost-effective. Temporary insurance policy key features:

  • short-term cover 1-28 days car insurance
  • this short term car insurance is for 19-75 year olds only
  • for cars with a value less than £60,000
  • immediate cover and pay-per-day car insurance
  • options for breakdown and full EU cover for if you go on an international or holiday trip

More info about Aviva

2. Adrian Flux short-term car insurance

Adrian Flux is another of the short term car insurance companies. They have plans for people who only require six months car insurance because they use a mobile home or camper van for certain times of year. They are also a provider that covers for modified cars and kit cars, just the types of vehicles that don’t tend to be driven year-round and so temporary cover is required. Adrian Flux temporary insurance policy key features:

  • short-term car insurance covers 1-120 days
  • this short term car insurance is for 22-74 year olds
  • for cars with a value of £25,000 or less
  • includes modified cars, kit cars and motorhomes

Although they aren’t quite 6 month insurance plans, some of these short term deals are a good middle-ground to avoid paying too much. There are various criteria and eligibility factors for the different temporary car insurance plans, so be sure to get an online or telephone quote before assuming this is the answer for you.

More info about Adrian Flux

3. Admiral short term car insurance

Admiral is among the top car insurance providers in the UK. The insurance provides both long-term and short-term car insurance. If you are a young driver, you can get a cheaper car insurance quote, the little box cover that uses black box technology.

Admiral has introduced a new brand: Veygo. Veygo is meant to provide insurance to temporary drivers without cars. In this case, if you share your car, you and the borrower are covered. It means that a learner driver or someone borrowing your car gets short term car insurance cover.

More info about Admiral Car

Best short term car insurance

If you don’t feel confident going directly to an insurance provider, you could always use the online comparison sites. Money Supermarket, Gocompare and Compare the Market can make it easier to make sense of all the options available. You enter some basic information about yourself and the vehicle and compare deals and the prices.

Bear in mind that some insurance providers don’t sign up to the comparison sites, and so you could miss out on a cheaper deal elsewhere. It’s always best to cross-compare the deals you can find directly with what the comparison site says. Sometimes you can barter yourself a better deal than the website will offer.

Six month car insurance policy

Certain companies offer a six month car insurance policy with the same benefits as the annual cover; a real advantage which may also include free breakdown service, roadside repairs, EU cover and sometimes home repairs.

When shopping around for insurance it is always good to pit providers off against one another by letting them know the deal another company has offered you – they may well lower their deal to beat the competition!

Rental car insurance

If you’re renting a car, you’re probably better off getting a specific rental car insurance

Temporary car insurance plans

In many situations, temporary car insurance plans are cost-effective and a great way to reduce monthly outgoings. It is always sensible to go out and compare various companies to find the cheap short term car insurance deal for your personal circumstances.