Month to Month Car Insurance

Most insurers offer 6-months or 12-months insurance payment schedules. This makes many people wonder if month to month car insurance exists. Anyway, does month to month car insurance exist?

Yes, but not very often. Most insurers do not provide month to month insurance by this does not en you can’t find one in the market. There are many instances when a month to month car insurance can make sense.

What is Month to Month Car Insurance?

Month to month car insurance covers a car for only 28 days in a month. You pay for the car insurance only when you need it. The month car insurance coverage mostly offers the same comprehensive coverage as an annual policy, but this only is limited to only 28 days. Its payment schedule is also flexible, meaning that you can pay for the insurance only when you need it.

There are many instances when you may need a month to month car insurance. They include:

  • When renting a car for a few days or months
  • Two or three months contract with no cancellation fees
  • When giving out your car to a friend or a family member for a limited duration

Alternatives to Month to Month Car Insurance

Not everyone needs to pay for a 6-months or 12-months car insurance, especially if they want to use the car only for a limited time. As such, one can opt to buy month to month car insurance.

Temporary Car Insurance

Alternatively, one can choose temporary car insurance and sign up for the coverage period you would like.

However, before signing up for temporary car insurance or month to month car insurance, it is always best to compare prices first. For instance, if you want to insure a car for 5-months, most likely it may be expensive to pay for a month to month car insurance compared to 6-months car insurance. You can shop around and get to know what the best offer in the market is.

Short Term Car Insurance

If you want to use a car for a short while, you can opt for short term car insurance. Its coverage lasts between one hour to 30 days. Most short-term car insurance offers comprehensive covers. You can still find the third party and third party, fire and theft policies. You can compare prices from different insurers on Money Supermarket to get the best deal.

Factors to Consider when Buying Month to Month Car Insurance

There are many factors that you need to consider anytime you are buying month bu month car insurance. Among them are:

Cost of Car Insurance per Month

When comparing insurance quotes from various insurers, ask them how they charge for per month for monthly insurance. Also, ask the cost of 3-months or 6-months insurance, depending on the period you want to use the car. For instance, if you need the car for only two months and the sum per month for the two months exceeds that of 3-month car insurance, then it is best to go for 3-month car insurance.

Cost of Rental Car Insurance

Ask about the cost of insurance when renting a car per month. Then compare it with month to month car insurance. Choose one that suits your needs and is within your budget.


Month to month car insurance is not common. However, you can still get it in the market. However, it may not be flexible and cost-effective as anyone would assume. If you need car insurance for a particular situation, it is best to call your insurer and explain your needs. Find out if they can offer insurance that is tailored to your needs.