3 Months Car Insurance

Sometimes, you want to drive for a short period, to be precise, 3 months. In this case, it is expensive to take a whole year insurance policy. Hence, it is more economical to buy a short term car insurance policy like 3 month temporary car insurance. Car insurance for 3 months have almost the same features with car insurance for 6 months. For instance, during winter, people park their cars for months. When summer approaches, people start looking for cheap monthly car insurance. If you wish to take the car insurance for 3 months, Compare the market can help you compare offers from various insurers. If you want a further comparison of different offers, Money Supermarket is another excellent comparison site.

If you don’t use your car throughout the year, then it is not feasible and economical to renew your license for the whole year. In such a case, get flexible 3 months car insurance for the duration that you will be using the car.

Car Insurance for 3 Months Only

Can you get three months car insurance? Yes. A 3 months car insurance policy is an excellent financial safety cover that will cost you less and cover you whenever you are using your car. Alternatively, you can take 1-month temporary car insurance. Luckily, you can also take daily or weekly car insurance plans.

When to Take Car Insurance for 3 Months

There are many instances when you may require to take car insurance for 3 months like:

  • Travel abroad with your car for a short time
  • When you borrow someone’s car
  • When you don’t drive frequently
  • When you are moving home and you want to drive a van

In such a case, it will be very economical to take 3 month temporary car insurance instead of a 1-year car insurance policy.

3 month temporary car insurance is another good option for people with classic cars or vehicles that they don’t drive throughout the year.

In most cases, classic cars are used during sunny seasons and weekends. Therefore, paying for a whole year policy would be wastage of money. In this case, car insurance for 3 months is preferable.

Short Term Car Insurance 3 Months

When you are looking for a 3 month insurance policy, you will realize that only few companies will be offering the plan. Also, you will notice that most insurance companies do not advertise 3 month car insurance policies. This is because most of them would wish that you take an annual plan, while in your case, you want a cost-effective policy.

After you have decided to take a month car insurance policy, do thorough research in advance. Some companies provide monthly car insurance policies at higher process compared to annual plans. When to add monthly car insurance for the whole year, you will realize that it is more expensive compared to a yearly car insurance policy. However, if you are not using the car throughout the year, short term car insurance 3 months insurance policy is better compared to an annual car insurance policy. This way, you will be saving some money by the end of the year. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary expenditure, do thorough research before you can sign up for one.

3 Month Temporary Car Insurance Plans

If you want to bring down the costs of your car insurance, consider taking a 3 month temporary car insurance. You can check from various insurers what they are offering and at what price. Go for a 3 months temporary car insurance that is cheap and one that covers you adequately.

Viva and Rac

You can use Dayinsure or pay as you drive to get an offer from Aviva and Rac. They do not have 3 month car insurance, but they offer temporary insurance that is likely to be cheaper compared to an annual insurance policy. The temporary insurance policy has the following features.

  • A short term car insurance 3 months cover of between 1 and 28 days.
  • Eligible for drivers aged between 19 and 75 years only.
  • Suitable for cars worth less than £60,000
  • Have EU cover and breakdown options in case you go abroad

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is a short term car insurance 3 months. They also offer covers for modified cars and kit cars, vehicles that are not driven throughout the year. Temporary insurance policy has the following features:

  • Short term car insurance for between 1 to 120 days
  • Those eligible for car insurance are between 22 to 74 years
  • Suitable for cars that are less than £25,000

Although the above insurers do not provide 3 months car insurance, they are better options so that you do not have to pay too much. There are various plans; hence make sure to get a telephone quote before deciding.

Best Short Term Car Insurance 3 Months

If you feel that is tiresome to go asking for quotes from insurance providers, you can use online comparison sites such as car insurance Money Supermarket and Compare the Market. if you have a van, then it is best to consider Moneysupermarket van insurance. They make work easier and will let you know the terms of the policy and price. All you need to do is to provide your personal information and information about your car. Once you have provided that, the next thing is to compare deals and price.

It is essential to know that some insurance companies do not sign up for price comparisons. This would make you miss on a cheaper deal. It is always best to compare the prices directly from the insurers and what is provided by comparison sites. You can get a better deal compared to what the platforms are offering by getting a quote directly from the insurer.

3 Months Car Insurance

Various companies provide 3 months car insurance policies that have the same benefits s annual insurance covers. Some of the benefits include breakdown services, roadside repairs and EU cover. Do not let another insurer know what the other insurer is offering you. They are likely to lower the price and exclude some benefits to beat the competitor.