Car insurance


Learner Driver Insurance

Learning how to drive can be exciting and at the same time expensive. It is because you need to have a provisional license and also the car must have learner driver insurance. Other costs come along the way like costs associated with driving test. It would help if you found ways on how you can …

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Short Term Car Insurance Abroad

When travelling abroad, the best car insurance policy to buy is a short term car insurance. Luckily, many insurance firms are providing short term car insurance policies for drivers who are going abroad. This is regardless of whether you are going on a holiday or you are going to work. It would be best if …

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cheap car insurance for nhs staff

Car Insurance for Nurses in UK

In the UK, nurses have two options for car insurance, depending on their specific needs. Those who only use their car for commuting to and from their regular workplace can opt for standard car insurance. However, travel nurse car insurance is for nurses who travel to visit patients at multiple locations as part of their …

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Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars are attractive and if you have one or you are planning to own one, it is best if you compare classic car insurance. If you are insuring a classic car, note that most of the early classic cars lack safety features like safety belts, ABS and rollover protection. Vehicle insurance companies are aware …

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3 Months Car Insurance

Sometimes, you want to drive for a short period, to be precise, 3 months. In this case, it is expensive to take a whole year insurance policy. Hence, it is more economical to buy a short term car insurance policy like 3 month temporary car insurance. Car insurance for 3 months have almost the same …

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1 month car insurance

There must have been instances in the past where you must have thought about if it is possible to get car insurances for very short periods of time which will be best considering your circumstances. There are certain situations where you do not need a long term insurance plan and a short term insurance cover …

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temporary car insurance third party only

Temporary Third Party Car Insurance in UK

Temporary third party car insurance is a short-term insurance policy, lasting from one hour to 30 days, that covers you for damage and injuries you cause to others in an accident. This legal minimum requirement in the UK protects you financially if you damage a third party’s car or property, or are responsible for their …

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Types of Insurance in the UK

The United Kingdom has the largest insurance industry in Europe and fourth largest in the world. Besides, the UK is the leading insurance exporter to other countries. This means that insurance providers in the UK also sell insurances in other countries. The industry is huge. In 2017, the insurance industry paid over 72 billion British …

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Monthly car insurance quotes

We all need car insurance. However, what if only we need the car for a short term, such as a day or a month. Special six day car insurance policies exist, and also monthly car insurances. If you’re looking for quotes then Compare the Market is a good place to compare various offers for monthly …

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Cheap one day car insurance

At times it’s convenient to arrange a car insurance for one day. For example when you’re fixing a car, you just finished and you want to sell the car. You don’t want to get a normal insurance that lasts for at least one year. So you get a one day car insurance for your car. …

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