Car Insurance for Nurses UK

Car insurance for nurses in the UK come in two flavours. This depends if you need the car for driving around patients or to go to work. If you only need the car for driving to and from work, you go for a normal car insurance. But If you are a nurse and you need a car for driving around to visit patients at separate locations, you should opt for a class 1 business insurance. The latter allows you to travel between multiple places of work such as patients. The price shouldn’t be very different, but the coverage does!

When applying for an ordinary car insurance, car insurance providers will ask you to provide your job title. As such, your job plays a critical role in determining the premiums you will pay. Luckily, car insurance for nurses is slightly cheaper compared to those in other professions. Nurses, police and ministers pay much fewer premiums than people in other professions like the hospitality industry.

You can make your work much easier by using online car insurance comparison sites. You can compare nurses’ car insurance online using Compare the Market. To compare car insurance quotes further, use Money Supermarket.

Compare Car Insurance for Nurses

Before buying a car insurance policy for nurses, first shop around. Even if nurses’ car insurance is cheaper compared to other professions, you still need to shop around. You are likely to find a more affordable insurance provider. Compare prices and terms and conditions from different insurance providers. This way, you are likely to land on the best deal car insurance for nurses.

Car Insurance for NHS Staff UK

Some car insurance companies offer car insurance for NHS staff. Most insurers give NHS staff insurance discounts, making their premiums much cheaper. However, doctors pay a bit higher premiums compared to nurses. You, too, can benefit from more affordable insurance premiums if you are servicing the NHS in other capacities.

Why are Car Insurances for Nurses Cheaper?

Car insurance providers look at the risk of a policyholder in determining the premiums to pay. Insurance data shows that people in some professions are less likely to claim to than those in other occupations. Nurses belong to the category of people that are less likely to claim more. As such, nurses pay cheaper premiums.

Job Titles in Nurses’ Car Insurance

There are four main categories when signing up for nurses’ car insurance. Among them are ‘psychiatric nurse,’ ‘community nurse,’ ‘registered nurse’ and ‘student nurse.’ Each of these job titles varies in premiums payable. For instance, car insurance for a student nurse will cost higher than that of other job titles. To get the cheapest nurses’ car insurance, you should compare prices based on nurse job titles. Then look for the policy that best suits you.

Nurses’ Car Insurance Price

On average, nurses’ car insurance in the UK cost £717. Other factors that determine the number of premiums includes location, insurance claims history, driving record and your No Claims Discount. If you want to bring down the cost of nurses’ car insurance UK, you need to buy a car with a smaller engine and park your car in a secure garage. The amount of excesses and the model of the car you drive is also a significant factor in determining the premiums of car insurance.

The level of nurses’ car insurance UK is greatly affected by the level of insurance one intends to purchase. There are three levels of car insurance, Third Party Only (TPO), Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) and Comprehensive insurance. Each of them has varying premiums.


Nurses’ car insurance are cheaper and shopping around would help you land to a better deal. You can reduce the cost of car insurance for nurses by purchasing a car with a small engine. Also, park your car in a secured garage and avoid leaving car keys in the ignition. Ultimately, comparing car insurance using your nurse job title will also help you get a cheaper insurance policy. You can decide to buy 6 months car insurance or annual car insurance policy.