Monthly car insurance quotes

We all need car insurance. However, what if only we need the car for a short term, such as a day or a month. Special six day car insurance policies exist, and also monthly car insurances. If you’re looking for quotes then Compare the Market is a good place to compare various offers for monthly insurance. Another option could be Money Supermarket. Read more below for further places to get a quote for a monthly car insurance.

The importance of holding a flexible car insurance policy is easily understood as there are many occasions when it isn’t feasible to renew your car insurance for a whole year. Especially if you don’t use your car on a daily or weekly basis.

Car insurance became obligatory in the UK in 1930, when a law was introduced that required all motorists to have at least third-party personal injury insurance. Nowadays, car insurance in the UK is being regulated by the 1988 Road Traffic Act.

Driving a car without insurance is illegal. You might even be wondering about the use of having monthly car insurance when it is necessary to be insured on a regular basis. Nevertheless, there might be reasons why one would want to opt for monthly car insurance.

There are many circumstances where you may require a monthly car insurance. If you:

  • Go abroad in your vehicle for a limited time
  • Only drive in emergencies
  • Borrow someone else’s car
  • Work away a lot so don’t drive at home often
  • Are moving house and need to drive a van

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux is a specialist short term car insurance companie. They have plans for people who only require six months car insurance because they use a mobile home or camper van for certain times of year. They are also a provider that covers for modified cars and kit cars, just the types of vehicles that don’t tend to be driven year-round and so temporary cover is required. Temporary insurance policy key features:

  • short-term car insurance cover 1-120 days
  • this short term car insurance is for for 22-74 year olds
  • for cars with a value of £25,000 or less
  • includes modified cars, kit cars and motorhomes

In order to get a quote from them, you’ll need to schedule a call or call them directly yourself. Most of these short term deals are a good middle-ground to avoid paying too much. There are various criteria and eligibility factors for the different temporary car insurance plans, so be sure to get an online or telephone quote before assuming this is the answer for you.

Best short term car insurance

If you don’t feel confident going directly to an insurance provider you could always use the online comparison sites. Money Supermarket, Gocompare and Compare the Market can make it easier to make sense of all the options available. You enter some basic information about yourself and the vehicle and compare deals and the prices.

Balance your budget

Due to the economic crisis, many consumers are on a budget. Nevertheless, fixed costs have been continually the same, or are even on the rise. Therefore the way we use our cars has changed a lot over the years. The cost for yearly car insurance may have become too great a burden for you to carry, and you just may have made the choice of no longer owning a personal car.

Are you going on holiday?

Maybe you have the use for a car during certain periods of the year, such as the holidays. Maybe, you do own a car, but you might be living or working abroad for most of the year? In all aforementioned cases, the cost for yearly car insurance cannot be justified on a yearly basis, and therefore it would be a good idea to opt for a short term solution such as monthly car insurance.

Good business strategy

Managing your personal budget or going on holiday in the UK are not the only reasons one might prefer monthly car insurance over a long term plan. If you are a business owner and you find yourself staying outside the UK on an extended business trip, monthly car insurance might enable you to use your own car each time you come home to the UK.

Different plans

As with all kinds of insurance, also for monthly car insurance there are different options available. Mostly, these plans are designated to be used between 1 – 28 days; they will offer immediate cover, facilities for online payment, etc. Moreover this kind of insurance will accept drivers between the ages of 21 – 69.

Under 21?

If you are under 21, it is necessary to be alert when choosing monthly car insurance. Most offers for monthly car insurance plans will not be open to under 21 year olds. Should this be the case, you have no other choice than choose a long term car insurance. Also see Temporary Car Insurance Under 21 for the listed options open to you.

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