What does professional indemnity insurance cover in UK?

A Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance in UK

Whether you’re a business owner, consultant, or independent professional, offering services or advice comes with inherent risks. Mistakes, oversights, or even unintentional breaches of confidentiality can lead to costly legal claims from clients. This is where professional indemnity insurance steps in. PI protects you from financial ruin and reputational damage in the face of legal …

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decommissioned taxi insurance

Decommissioned London Taxi Insurance

A decommissioned London taxi is a black cab that has officially surrendered its taxi licence and number plate to Transport for London (TfL) and cannot be used for commercial taxi service in London again. This can happen for various reasons, from engine age to changing regulations. However, it’s still perfectly legal to drive on the …

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london taxi insurance private use

Cheap Private Hire Taxi Insurance in the UK

Unlike public hire taxis (black cabs) that can be hailed on the street, private hire vehicles or private hire minicab insurance (also known as Hire and Reward) must be pre-booked through apps or phone calls. Yet, both face the risks of accidents, passenger injuries, and damage to vehicles. This is where private hire taxi insurance …

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cheap public liability insurance for small business

Public Liability Insurance For Small Business in UK

Many small businesses mistakenly believe that public liability insurance is a costly, unnecessary expense. This misconception can be detrimental to an SME in the event of a claim against it. Public liability insurance for small businesses covers the costs associated with third-party claims for property damage or bodily harm. Therefore, this article aims to provide …

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best car insurnce for women in uk

Women’s car insurance

Women car insurance is not a separate type of insurance, but rather standard car insurance offered by insurers that considers gender as a factor when calculating premiums. Historically, women have been statistically shown to be less likely to file claims, leading to potentially lower premiums compared to men. Is Women Car Insurance Cheap in the …

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crash-test-1620604_1920 (1)

Aviva Short Term Car Insurance

Aviva is among the largest insurers in the UK, offering a wide variety of insurance products such as pet, car, van home, travel insurance and Aviva learner driver insurance. They provide long term and short term car insurance policies. In some cases, there is no need to buy an annual insurance cover. For instance, if …

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Travel Medical Insurance in UK

Travel medical insurance in the United Kingdom is crucial for domestic or international trips. Illnesses, accidents, or unforeseen emergencies can occur, potentially resulting in hefty medical bills. Medical insurance provides coverage for medical expenses. Travel insurance typically can cover medical expenses, but not always and not all expenses. How Does Travel Medical Insurance Work? You …

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Guide for professional indemnity insurance for small business in uk

Professional Indemnity Insurance For a Small Business

Customer satisfaction is paramount for the success of any business. Yet, despite best efforts, mistakes may occasionally happen. This underscores the significance of insurance for small businesses. Professional Indemnity insurance (PII) is particularly vital in these instances. PII safeguards your business by covering legal expenses and compensation claims from clients alleging negligence or errors in …

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third party insurance quote comparison

Compare 3rd Party Car Insurance Quotes in UK

A third party car insurance is the most basic car insurance you need. It is the minimum form of insurance you must have when you own a car. It covers the damage that you may cause to other cars as well as to other property, as well as injury to a third party. In other …

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