Women’s car insurance

Women drivers all over the world have always been faced with irritation from their male counterparts. There is huge negativity revolving around the fact that females cannot be good drivers and there are numerous jokes which are hurled at the female folks to point to this fact. However, crazy it may sound, adding to it is the fact that women’s car insurance come at lower rates than men’s car insurance. However, the truth of this statistical finding is that car insurance company’s offer women drivers insurance at a lower rate which is not because of the fact that women can’t drive.

No cheaper car insurance for women

Unfortunately for women insurance companies are not allowed to vary premiums according to gender as of December 2012 according to new EU regulation. This can be especially painful for young women who are now in the same league as young male drivers, even teenagers, which has made a difference of about £500 for women. This is even more so when it comes to motor insurance for women. The flip side is that life insurances have since become cheaper for women.

Although women are constantly ridiculed with the fact that they cannot drive, yet research and findings conducted by various car insurance companies constantly prove that women drivers are usually involved in less accidents compared to male drivers. It has also been observed that motor-vehicle related accidents caused by women usually cause only less damage than those accidents caused by the men drivers. Also, most of the motor-vehicle related crimes are mostly caused by men and not by women and also most of the women pass their driving licensing exams and are more particular about their license than their male counterparts. The type of accidents concerning men drivers are way too serious than compared to accidents caused by women which usually tends to be little less dramatic.

The above-mentioned statistics are more than enough to prove that women are certainly better drivers than men and that they drive around with a sense of caution and safety. There are hardly any women drivers who go in for rash driving as opposed to men who always perform rash driving. Considering all these research facts in mind, it is no wonder that car insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance to women drivers. One important thing to be cleared at this juncture is that women are not offered cheaper rates just because of the fact that they are ‘women’, it is because car insurance companies adhere to the statistics and facts that offering lower car insurance rates for women is a better and safer bet.

One should understand that it is entirely on the basis of risk costs reasons that insurance companies favor women drivers and you will be even surprised to find that female motorists are more favored compared to their male counterparts. For instance, you will find that the policy quotes for a male and female driver of the same age will be quite different and it will be more expensive for the male driver. In all, car insurance companies attract female drivers because women show better efficiency during driving than the men folk.