European travel insurance for a single trip

Travel insurance is essential in protecting you against various accidents or incidents that may occur during your trip. The standard travel insurance is purchased annually. However, this arrangement may not suit an individual who is only taking a single trip. In the latter scenario, individuals in Europe can consider the European travel insurance for a single trip. 

 To enjoy the benefits of this policy, ensure that you purchase one before or as soon as you make your holiday booking. For instance, during this period when the coronavirus has affected the entire world, the cover will come in handy in case you choose to cancel your vacation, fall too sick to travel, or if the government prohibits people from visiting your destination. In this article, we will compile all the information you need to have regarding the European travel insurance for a single trip.  

The European Travel Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has destabilized operations in numerous sectors globally. One of the worst-hit industries is the travel sector. With governments advising their citizens to stay at home, most people have had to cancel their trips. The main question on the affected travelers’ minds is; ‘’What happens to my European travel insurance if I am not able to travel?”

In a normal scenario, your European travel insurance will cover trip cancellation. This is regardless of whether the policy is annual or for a single trip. However, the circumstances are different due to the coronavirus pandemic as the insurers strive to protect themselves from hefty losses while still adhering to the insurance terms.

The coverage clauses in your policy may be void if you purchased the single trip insurance after coronavirus was declared an epidemic. Besides, if you travel to a certain destination despite the British authorities’ advice against non-essential international trips, your insurance will probably not cover any medical or facility cancellation charges.

Different insurers have made specific changes to their policies with reference to the coronavirus pandemic. To be certain on what your European travel insurance for a single trip will cover or fail to cover, contact the insurer. Enquire about all the probable scenarios before making a decision to travel or cancel your trip.

Benefits of a Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Pricing: if you are only going to take one short trip, paying an annual premium may not be fiscally practical. A single trip travel insurance comes in handy in such situations.

Medical evacuation: picture a scenario where you are on an adventurous trip to an underdeveloped country and you suddenly fall very ill. The nearby sanatorium doesn’t have the capacity to handle your situation. Through the single-trip travel insurance, you can be evacuated to a better facility.

Stolen or lost items: As a traveler, it is common for you to arrive to your destination only to realize that your luggage has been taken to a different country or even continent. This policy covers valuable items that may be lost during your trip. Just make sure to talk to your insurance provider on the details of such coverage.

Trip cancellation: in the current phase of the coronavirus pandemic, governments of different countries are prohibiting flights to and from certain areas. If you had bought your travel tickets and ended up being affected by such declarations, your single trip travel insurance will be of assistance. Ensure that you enquire from the insurer about the details of the policy before purchasing it.   

Single-Trip Travel Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

People purchase a single-trip travel insurance for coverage when they have to cancel their trip or when they face certain challenges while on the trip. Notably, COVID-19 has triggered numerous uncertainties; especially in the traveling scene. To insure themselves from massive losses, insurance providers have had to make certain changes to their travel policies. To be certain about the extent of your single-trip travel cover, it is crucial to compare and understand the details of the packages offered by various companies.   

What Doesn’t a Single-Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

Different insurers have different provisions for their policies. As such, when purchasing a single-trip travel insurance, it is crucial to evaluate its details and understand the scenarios that it doesn’t cover. For instance, while the cover caters for individuals above the age of 65 years, you may need to purchase an additional policy to deal with certain medical conditions. Moreover, if the gadgets you intend to carry with you exceed a certain amount, it may be necessary to take out an extra gadget cover. The common scenarios that a typical single-trip travel policy doesn’t cover include:

  • Engaging in high-risk activities such as Bungee jumping, heli-skiing, sky diving, and scuba diving.  
  • Winter sports like snowboarding and skiing.
  • Intentionally harming yourself or another person.
  • Accidents related to intoxication from drugs or alcohol.
  • Engaging in illegal activities or acting recklessly.
  • A medical condition that you failed to disclose when purchasing the policy.
  • Individuals above the stipulated age limit.

Useful Tips When Purchasing a Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Duration: the policy offered by most insurers limits the period that you can stay on vacation under the single-trip travel insurance. As such, before purchasing the cover, check if you will need an extra cover for a prolonged stay.

Destination: this type of insurance is only applicable for a trip at a time. If you intend to go to several destinations, it is crucial to check if they will all be included in the cover or if you need an extra cover.

Legal cover: for incidents that you weren’t responsible for, you may need a legal fee cover. However, if you are at fault, a personal liability cover will come in handy.

Disruption and cancellation: ensure that the policy compensates you for alternative measures in the event of your trip’s cancellation. This should also include the disruption of your accommodation and travel arrangements.

Pre-existing medical conditions: you need to inform your insurer of any medical condition you have before purchasing the cover. This is because you may not be compensated for the costs incurred to treat an illness that you failed to disclose.

How Much Does a Single-Trip Travel Insurance Cost?

Different insurers offer different levels of cover at different costs. To obtain a policy that best suits your needs, it is crucial to compare the provisions of various companies. When comparing the available insurance options, you can evaluate each entity based on their maximum baggage cover, medical cover, and cash cover. Moreover, depending on the nature of your trip, you can include optional aspects such as legal cover and winter sports.


The European travel insurance for a single trip is meant for European residents looking for a one-off travel insurance. This is founded on the logic that in such cases, the annual coverage will be expensive. Just like the ordinary travel insurance, the single trip cover caters for aspects related to trip cancellation, medical cover, and lost items. However, due to the uncertainty caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to understand what your insurance will cover before paying for it.