Monthly van insurance

Auto insurance is necessary for all drivers or vehicle owners so that they will be financially protected against vehicle damages and injuries related to traffic accidents. But, it is undeniably true that most of these insurances are quite expensive. Considering the fuel costs, steep tax and high priced commodities nowadays, it can be a burden to purchase a good insurance policy. This is why, some individuals avail a monthly van insurance. Insure4aday and Tempcover are two good possibilities.

Monthly van insurance cover

Short term van insurance is available for anyone who is not looking for a full term 12 month policy. There are many instances where this might be the case, such as if you need to use a van for delivery, for moving house, for a short term business plan or clearing rubbish. In any case when you only need van insurance for between a day and a month, short term van insurance offers a cheaper option than full term insurance. Short term van insurance will be required if you plan to hire a van and take it to any EU country. Short term van insurance for Europe can vary in price. It will be best to use a comparison site or get multiple quotes from different insurers. In order to get the best cover at the best price.

Compare Short Term Van Insurance

In this day and age, with the internet and huge meta-comparison companies, it is easier than ever to compare short term van insurance deals to find a bargain that is right for you. Comparison websites offer you an easy guide to the range of prices and policies, and with a little time and effort you could save a lot of money by finding yourself the best deal.

When you are searching for short term van insurance you should take into account the different types of policy available, as well as the duration of time that you need to take insurance out for. The basic policy types are as follows:

  • Third Party- This is the most basic and cheapest type of van insurance available, but provides the least comprehensive cover. It pays full compensation to the other person if you are involved in an accident, but does not pay out for theft or damage to your own vehicle. It is ideal if you want to save pennies, but will be costly in the event that you are not covered. Third party van insurance is the basic legal requirement in the UK.
  • Third Party, Fire And Theft- the next level of cover is third party, fire and theft, which offers the same cover as third party plus cover against a fire or theft of your vehicle. It still does not pay out damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident.
  • Fully Comprehensive- This is the most comprehensive van insurance available, and covers you for all of the above, plus damages to your vehicle, person, and property in the case of an accident. It is also the most expensive.
  • Commercial And Courier insurance- If you are looking for short term van insurance for commercial reasons or to provide a courier service then it is likely that you will need extra cover for the goods and to cover the business.

Whatever policy you need, be sure to shop around and compare short term van insurance so that you get the best deal.

Short term courier insurance

Short term courier insurance will be needed if you are thinking of making some extra cash as a courier. With more and more home deliveries being delivered to our front door there is an increasing demand for couriers. If you are a self employed courier you will need short term courier insurance, if you have no insurance you will be liable to pay for any accident or injury you cause on the road. There are some great short term courier insurance offers out there and if you are smart you will factor the insurance payment into new found income, if you do not take out a courier insurance plan then you could face points, fines and even jail.

Short term buisiness van insurance

If you are planning to hire a van for a short term business plan then you need to look at quite a few aspects. You should firstly be honest with the insurer at the time of taking out the business van insurance. If you tell the insurer that you plan to move a table and chairs and have an accident with two tons of sand in the back of the van, then the insurers will probably not pay. You will likely end up paying for the damage yourself! And the money you made from the job won't be enough to cover a serious accident and subsequent claim against you. Insurance is a gamble in its self, so you have to decide if it's worth paying a few extra pounds for the suitable Short term business van insurance or take the risk and purchase non-suitable van insurance. The choice is your but we advise you take out the correct temporary van insurance.
Second point to be clear and honest with if the insurers ask is where you will be taking the short term business van. If you are planning to take the van to Europe or further afield then you should tell the insurer this. The van insurance company needs to know this information and will most likely ask for it. Again if you provide false information your insurance will most likely not be valid. It is best to be as honest as possible when purchasing the short term buisiness van insurance.
The third and equally important point is duration, the insurer needs to know the amount of time that you will be driving the van. Be it be a 1 day van insurance policy or a 28 van policy basically any kind of short time van insurance for business. If you drive the van past the point of the insurance cover, you will not be insured, simple. You already know this I'm sure but Ignorance will not wash in these cases and failure to have the correct short term van insurance for business could land you in jail!

Short Term Van Insurance For Europe

If you plan on taking out some sort term van insurance but are travelling to Europe, be sure that your insurance has you covered. Because the UK is a part of the EU there are not many complications associated with driving there. However, it is important to inform your insurance provider where you will be driving. You can usually add European cover to an existing policy without much hassle, for an extra fee. It can be wise to also take a travel insurance when staying in Europe for a longer time.

What is a 6 month van insurance?

Typically, a 6 month van insurance is no way different from any other kinds of policy. It is simply a short term auto insurance that protects the vehicle and the driver within the six months time frame. The good side of it is you will be aware on your cash flow since the insurer will deduct the policy every month instead of an annual lump sum. If you are a bit conscious on your budget and you try to plan your finances well, getting a 6 month car insurance would be the better option. It gives more flexibility because you can adjust the payments based on the payment date suitable to you. Plus, you can easily change your policy without hesitation because there are no long-term contracts signed.

However, a 6-month van insurance is often expensive than an annual policy. Most insurance companies will charge a higher interest rate for this kind of scheme but they do not give charges for upfront full payments. Aside from that, some of them will also charge an advance deposit on your monthly van insurance; therefore, it pays to read the policy carefully before choosing an insurer.

How to get an affordable 6-month van insurance?

It is crucial to choose the right insurance policy for your vehicle, but this dilemma can be alleviated if you shop around and make comparisons on insurance deals. There are several online comparison websites which you can access and get a range of quotes from different companies. All you have to do is to provide the details of your preferred insurance policy and review the results individually. Sometimes it can be a little confusing and time consuming to make comparisons but this is the best way to scrutinise the best policy for your vehicle.

Some insurers will offer an affordable policy if you have no history of reckless driving and your vehicle is in its good condition. This is why you have to repair any damages of your vehicle, park it securely and never make a bad record while driving. If they have found any violations from your record, the insurer will not offer their cheapest policy at all. So as much as possible, do not be in a hurry of driving your vehicle and always keep an eye on the road signs or traffic regulations. Make it a point to be honest with your insurer in order for them to find the most suitable 6-month van insurance for you. Follow what is written on the policy and never make something that can void it eventually.