Best Mobile Apps for Car Insurance in Africa

The internet and mobile apps are transforming many industries. The car insurance industry is not an exception. Car insurance apps are on the rise in Africa. They help you to make claims digitally and even provide proof of incidence to the insurer. Apps make work easier as you do not have to visit the insurer’s office to make a claim. Here’s a list of some of the leading car insurance apps in Africa.

Griffin Insurance App

Griffin is an online insurance company that is located in Nairobi, Kenya. It is the country’s first digital-only car insurance company. It offers comprehensive car insurance in Kenya. The insurer has developed an application for iOS and Android that helps customers enjoy its services. Among the services you will enjoy through the app include getting quotes online in just a few seconds and buying an insurance policy in two minutes with no paperwork involved. Furthermore, the app allows you to pause your coverage whenever you travel out of the country.

You can also make a claim online and have it settled in a matter of few days. You can also request an ambulance and find a repair shop on the app. All their services are offered through the app and you do not need to call or drive to their offices. Founded by a young Kenyan lady, Jihan Abbas, Griffin sells policies underwritten by best car insurance companies in Kenya.

There’s no need to call or drive to your insurance company and wait in line. From our App you can do everything and so much more including buying a policy,filing claims,finding repair shops and requesting an ambulance.Everything is a click away.

Naked Insurance App

Naked insurance is an online car insurance company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was MTN Business App of the Year 2019. Their app, Android and iOS, is super fast and offers all services you can get through an insurance office. They charge low prices since they do have rental space expenses. You can get car insurance from as low as R180.

Naked is not an old insurance company trying to be digital (by adding a website or an app, yet you can’t get much done without the call centre). Naked is a technology business, built from scratch, to bring you the savings and control powered by AI.

You can get a comprehensive cover for all your needs, whether it is theft, fire, acts of nature, accidents through collision, intentional accident and many more. Claims are approved in a matter of good time, giving you a stress-free drive. In addition, the app allows you to pause your accident cover if you won’t drive for a while and stay protected against theft, hail and other stationary risks. You can also cancel your existing car insurance in South Africa within the app without any paperwork or phone calls.

Other benefits you can enjoy using the app include roadside assistance, policy cover for additional drivers, while you can also choose an excess that suits your budget. However, you need to carry out a vehicle inspection by yourself; otherwise, it will be challenging to claim.

What is Naked’s CoverPause?: When you aren’t driving your car for a couple of days or weeks, you can save money by pausing your accident cover with a few taps on the Naked App. You will still be covered for flood, fire, theft and other stuff that can happen while your car is standing still. You just have to remember to switch your accident cover back on (also done simply with the app) when you start driving the car again, or else you won’t be covered.

King Price Insurance App

King Price Insurance is a South African company that offers car insurance app in South Africa. You can sign up for car insurance by downloading the app from Google Play Store or App Store and then using your email to register. You can start using the app immediately. You need to add the assets like cars that you want to insure.

Through the app, you can get quotes online and purchase car insurance. Also, in case of an accident, you can submit a claim that is processed in a matter of few minutes. Additionally, you can manage your excess using the app.

If you are an expatriate living in South Africa, you may be interested in these car insurance for foreigners in South Africa.

Santam Insurance App

Santam car insurance app is available on App Store and Google Play. You can register your motor online using the mobile app. The app is integrated with specialized features that can help you enjoy car insurance services without calling or visit the insurer. Santam offers different car insurance policies including short term car insurance in South Africa.

You can file your claims online through the claims card on the app. The app also has an accident or incident reporter. You can record audio statements and also upload incident photos to the insurer. You can use the feature to report to the insurer when an incidence occurs so that you can claim.

Dialdirect Car Insurance Mobile App

Dialdirect car insurance app is a car insurer in South Africa that offers comprehensive car insurance. You can download the app on App Store or Google Play. With the app, you get to enjoy roadside assistance. The app has a location detector and when you ask for towing services, the app will find your location and a tow truck will be sent to your location.

Allianz Insurance Mobile App

Allianz car insurance in Nigeria helps you access insurance services without having to visit the insurer’s offices. You can download the app from Google Play and Apps Store. With the app, you can check for a quote online, buy a car insurance cover, report a claim in case of an accident and renew your insurance cover.

Cornerstone Insurance App

Cornerstone is an insurance company in Nigeria that offers a wide variety of insurance products like motor insurance, travel insurance, marine insurance and home insurance. You can download Cornerstone Insurance App from Google Play and Apps Store. You can use the app to check for an insurance quote online and make payments using ATM debit card. Besides, you can use the app to receive e-receipts and insurance receipts.

AXA Insurance App Egypt

AXA is car insurance offering a wide variety of insurance products in several African countries including Egypt. You can download the app from Google Play or Apps Store. You can use the app to check quotes online, buy the insurance and make payments.

Benefits of Car Insurance Apps

Car insurance apps are cheaper compared to standard car insurance. The car insurance apps have fewer maintenance costs, unlike standard car insurers, who have to pay rent, huge salaries, utilities, and other maintenance costs. It is also cheaper for a client since he does not need to call or drive to the insurer’s office to buy, renew, or make a claim.

Also, with car insurance apps, you can get insurance quotes online. You only need to provide details of your car like its date of manufacture and its value. Once you feed the app with the details, you will get a car insurance quote immediately.

Car insurance apps facilitate fast claims approval. Since most car insurance apps have incident reporters, you can upload photos or audio when an incident occurs. This makes it easy for insurers to approve the claim and start processing it.

You also get to enjoy other services like ambulance, towing and roadside assistance. You only need to notify the insurer through the app. The insurer will locate you using the app and send assistance to your location immediately.