Car Insurance for Foreigners in South Africa

The law in South Africa requires that every car have insurance. The minimum car insurance level required by the law is the Third Party Only insurance. Besides, the law requires visitors visiting South Africa to acquire an International Driving Permit (IDP). It is not a license, but it is essential to have it since some insurers will ask for it if you have an accident.

How to Insure a Foreign Car in South Africa

Many times, people living in neighbouring countries like Botswana and Namibia bring their cars to South Africa. However, getting insurance for these cars is usually hectic. You will notice that even getting and insurance cover for a vehicle you have imported from Japan like Toyota is challenging. It becomes even more complicated, especially if the car is left-hand drive.

If the car has a registration from another country, the insurers tend to avoid insuring the vehicle. This is because of some limitations that the law places o foreign cars. However, there are car insurance companies that are dedicated to insuring foreign cars. If you want to insure a foreign car, you will need to first consult with foreign car insurers. These insurers mostly offer Third Party Only car insurance for foreigners to insure third parties.

The reason why car insurances refrain from insuring foreigner’s car is that most parts are not readily available in South Africa in case of a breakdown. As such, they may need to import such parts. This is expensive and that is why most insurers avoid insuring foreign cars.

Secondly, most of the foreign cars are usually left-hand drive making them at higher risk. Due to their increased risk of collisions, car insurers avoid theft. Besides, foreign cars are usually a target by thieves. Those car insurance companies that offer insurance for foreign cars charge high premiums due to high risks.

Car Insurance Companies for Foreign Cars

If you plan to travel to South Africa with your car, you will need to have Third Party car insurance. The following are some companies that can help you insure your foreign car in South Africa.


If you are travelling to South Africa from the neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe and Angola, it is easier to get Third Party car insurance. You can acquire comprehensive car insurance that will cover your car against damages, acts of nature, fire and theft for such countries. You can also get an additional cover for full off-road use, mechanical and electrical breakdown, emergency repairs and emergency accommodation.


MiWay offers the Third party only car insurance for foreigners. Their car insurance offer only provides coverage for third party liabilities. This means that the car insurance will pay for your third party liabilities if you are involved in an accident. You will need to repair your car.

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Foreign Car Insurance Price in South Africa

Getting car insurance for a foreign car is very challenging in South Africa. Most foreign car insurers charge incredibly high prices due to high risks associated with foreign cars. You may need first to consult a foreign car insurer in South Africa before buying foreign car insurance. Ask about their coverage level and the benefits you will enjoy from the cover.