Health Insurance in South Africa

South Africa is among the countries with an excellent healthcare system in Africa. Public and private health systems exist parallel in South Africa. Health insurance in South Africa is available for residents, expats, and students in South Africa. Expats are highly advised to invest in international health insurance in South Africa.

Here, you are going to learn about health insurance in South Africa, whether you are a citizen, an expat, or a student.

Does South Africa Have Free Healthcare?

For a long time, South Africa did not have a universal healthcare system. Instead, they had two parallel systems, private healthcare and public healthcare that run concurrently.

Currently, South Africa is implementing the National Health Insurance scheme that helps people pool funds to provide access to quality and affordable healthcare. The implementation will take place in two phases and the last face will end in 2026.

The National Health Insurance Scheme will be compulsory for all South Africans, permanent residents, prisoners, inmates and some foreigners. Funds for this venture will be collected through taxes, provincial health budgets, and tax credits paid to private medical schemes.

Cost of Private Health Insurance in South Africa

The cost of private health insurance in South Africa varies from one provider to the other as you will see below. Some of the factors that determine the cost include the type of insurance plan and benefit level. Comprehensive plans tend to be the priciest and have benefits like in-hospital treatments at private healthcare facilities. Hospital plans cover costs like consultation fees and treatments conducted in hospitals.

Expat Health Insurance in South Africa

With the implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme, every South African including expats will be eligible for healthcare insurance. If you are an expat, you just need to sign up for health insurance coverage and then start getting health insurance benefits. You can consider using international health insurance companies like Cigna Global Insurance and GoeBlue.

List of Health Insurance Companies in South Africa

The following are some of the health insurance companies you need to consider in South Africa.

Momentum Health Insurance

Momentum Health Insurance is one of the best health insurance in South Africa. They offer insurance cover in a wide array like life disability, critical illness and income protect cover. They have an online life insurance calculator that can help you calculate your monthly premiums. Other benefits you will get from Momentum Health Insurance include over-counter medication, dental and optical benefits, chronic and HIV benefits and maternity care. Its prices range between R500 and R10,000 per month.

Discovery Health Insurance

Discovery Insurance is one of the health insurance companies in South Africa. It covers a full spectrum of client needs and is ideal for families, individuals, professionals, and retirees. They have 23 plans you can choose from and all plans offer unlimited hospital coverage. Some plans cover screening, prevention, dentistry, traveling plans, maternity, and childhood. Its price ranges between R1,000 to R7,000.

Cigna Global Insurance

If you are an expat living in South Africa, Cigna Global Insurance is a good insurance plan for you. You can create a tailored plan for you and your family. Their insurance plans offer international outpatient, international medical evacuation, international vision and dental, and international health and well-being.

The reason you should use Cigna is that they are a global network with trusted doctors, hospitals, and clinics.

GeoBlue Health Insurance

GeoBlue Health Insurance is also an excellent health insurance in South Africa for foreigners. Whether you are an expatriate or an international citizen, you can get insurance coverage outside of the USA. They have a great network of doctors and hospitals. It offers comprehensive worldwide benefits and excellent services. Some of their insurance highlights include; no waiting periods, no deductible or some services, unlimited medical maximum, plan cancellation, and pre-existing conditions treatment.

Affinity Health Care in South Africa

Affinity Health Care is a South African health insurance that offers a wide range of products designed to cover you and your family. Some of the benefits you will reap from the health insurance packages include doctors, private hospital coverage, choice of medical experts. Outstanding service, simplicity, and 24-hour assistance. They also offer accident cover, hospitalization due to illness, casualty room benefits, maternity cover, diagnostic procedures, and access to private hospitals.


Bonitas has one of the largest GP and specialist networks. They have 13 plans to choose from. Their prices range between R1,000 and R7,000. All their plans have a package that includes advice for kids under the age of 3.

Some of the benefits you will reap from Bonitas include GP, optometrist, dental visits, paramedical assistance, blood test, X-rays, baby care, maternity, and chronic and preventive care. Their most expensive plan caters to all your costs when you visit a hospital. However, it does not cater to maternity care.


Allianz is one of the best travel health insurance in South Africa. It has a wide spectrum of plans and all of them cover Covid-19. They have four travel insurance plans you can choose from. They include:

  • Schengen Travel. Traveling for up to 3 days within Schengen destination.
  • Travel plus. Traveling up to 3 days worldwide excluding USA and Canada.
  • Travel Plus annual. Traveling up to 3 days within Africa and Indian Ocean islands.
  • Travel Plus with WinterSport Cover. Traveling up to 3 days within Africa and Indian Ocean islands.

CompaCare Medical Scheme

CompCare is a medical insurance scheme for students in South Africa. If you are an international student, and you need medical insurance to enroll in a South Africa university, CompareCare can help you. Medical cover for students starts from as low as R454 per month. Some of the services you will reap from them include services covered in the hospital, lifestyle and preventive care, unlimited day-to-day services, coverage for chronic conditions, and in-hospital benefits.

Summary of Health Insurance in South Africa

South Africa is in the process of implementing the National Health Insurance scheme. A lot is going to change in the coming years. South Africa has private and public healthcare running concurrently. But even so, it is good that you consider getting the best insurance coverage for yourself and your family. Besides, if you are an expat, consider getting insurance coverage from international health insurance in South Africa.