Car Insurance Kenya

One Month Car Insurance in Kenya

One month car insurance is a temporary or short term car insurance that runs for 30 days. Most insurers in Kenya provide Third Party Only for one month car insurance. The Third Party Only is the minimum level of car insurance required to drive a car on Kenyan roads. This is mainly to prevent car …

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africa car insurance app

Best Mobile Apps for Car Insurance in Africa

The internet and mobile apps are transforming many industries. The car insurance industry is not an exception. Car insurance apps are on the rise in Africa. They help you to make claims digitally and even provide proof of incidence to the insurer. Apps make work easier as you do not have to visit the insurer’s …

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Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya

Comprehensive car insurance in Kenya provides full protection to your car and third parties. It provides protection against theft, fires, accidents, personal accident and third party liabilities. Some insurers provide additional coverage for specialized needs. Ultimately, the comprehensive cover offers more benefits compared to any other car insurance cover. Primary Coverage in Comprehensive Car Insurance …

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best motor vehicle insurance companies in kenya

Best Car Insurance Companies in Kenya

It is mandatory for every car on the Kenyan road to have an insurance cover. The minimum insurance cover is the Third Party Only policy. Getting an insurance cover is easy, with many car insurance companies spread across the country. Different car insurance companies offer various levels of car insurance. The following are the best …

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