Health Insurance in Kenya

If you are looking for a good health insurance in Kenya, then you need to consider some of the best health insurance providers in Kenya. Among the things to look out for include coverage, overall cost, premiums, and the number of dependents. Besides, it is also good to ask yourself whether you want universal health coverage, private health insurance, or international health insurance. With that, then you can find the best health insurance in Kenya.

How Much is Health Insurance in Kenya?

The cost of health insurance in Kenya depends on many variables like type of insurance cover, coverage, duration, and age. Besides, costs vary from one insurance provider to the other. To get the exact cost of health insurance in Kenya, consider asking for a quote from the leading medical insurance companies in Kenya. Also, make sure to compare health insurance premiums in Kenya from different insurance companies.

Types of Health Insurance in Kenya

The following are some types of health insurance in Kenya:

  • Inpatient cover. This policy caters to costs associated with hospitalization. It is more expensive than other covers and comes into effect when the policyholder is admitted to the hospital. It covers the costs of treatment and accommodation costs in the hospital.
  • Outpatient cover. It covers the costs associated with outpatient treatment services. The policyholder does not remain in the hospital after receiving treatment. It is cheaper than other covers since it does not have accommodation costs.
  • Low-cost covers. This is a policy developed by some companies targeting people from low-income areas. Policyholders tend to pay low premiums. The cover offers limited inpatient and outpatient coverage.
  • Medium and high-cost covers. They are the most common policies in Kenya. These covers are paid for by employers to benefit their employees. High-income employees are given high-cost coverage while medium and low-income employees get medium-cost coverage.
  • Maternity cover. This is a cover that meets the cost of hospitalization of the policyholder. It meets costs like delivery and pre and postnatal care. It is usually an enhancement of basic health insurance policies.

List of Health Insurance Companies in Kenya

There are many health insurance companies in Kenya. We are going to provide you with a list of the best health insurance companies in Kenya.

Jubilee Health Insurance Kenya

Jubilee Insurance is one of the best health insurance companies in Kenya. It has insurance coverage that protects your loved ones against any eventualities. Jubilee health insurance packages include J-care and Johari for individuals while corporate insurance packages for JBiz SME health cover and Corporate health cover.

They also have an insurance package for mothers and aspiring mothers called Mum’s Club and another insurance program known as the Lifestyle Management program to help prevent chronic diseases.

Equity Health Insurance Kenya

Equity Health Insurance targets individuals and groups. They have Equimed and Equihealth covers tailor-made for families and individuals.

Equihealth premiums are Ksh 15,000 every year for the principal member and five members. It will cost you an additional Ksh1,500 to add any extra member above the five members.  The cover caters or daily bed limit, intensive care, theater costs, nursing fees, drugs and medicines, surgeon, physicians, and test and procedures fees.

They also have another insurance coverage known as Equimed. It is a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cover for individuals, families, and groups. The maximum joining age limit is 74 years and is renewable up to 80 years.

Britam Health Insurance

Britam Health Insurance is among the best private health insurance in Kenya. They have a wide array of health insurance solutions. Britam health insurance packages Kenya include Britam Milele retail and Kinga Ya Mkulima cover for individuals and families. Besides, they have another cover called Britam Milele Corporate is an inpatient and fund-managed outpatient cover for registered companies and Chamas with more than 10 members.

UAP Health Insurance

UAP Health Insurance is comprehensive insurance coverage for yourself and your family. They have flexible packages for individuals, families, groups and self-employed people. UAP health insurance packages in Kenya include:

  • Afya Imara. For people between 0 to 60 years. It has a minimum of Ksh 30,433 per annum. It covers both inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Afya Imara Junior. It covers children between 0 and 18 years and sometimes up to 21 years old. It covers both inpatient and outpatient services. It has minimum premium of Ksh 26,216 per annum.
  • Afya Imara County. It covers policyholders and families with access to County hospitals. It has both inpatient and outpatient coverage. The joining age is between 0 to 65 years. Annual premiums are Ksh 11,274.
  • Afya Imara Executive. The joining age is between 0 and 80 years.

Sanlam Health Insurance Kenya

Sanlam Health Insurance offers medical health insurance for organizations. The insurance policy has inpatient and outpatient coverage, as dental, optical, and maternity covers. Those eligible are registered organizations like schools, Saccos, and chamas with over 7 employees. It covers employees between 18 and 70 years old and their spouses and dependents between 0 and 19 years old.

Cigna Health Insurance Kenya

Cigna Health Insurance is one of the best international health insurance in Kenya. They have a wide array of covers allowing you to choose from 5 comprehensive plans. Some of the packages they have include inpatient and outpatient treatment, HIV/AIDs, vaccinations, pregnancy and childbirth, and cancer treatment.

Amref Health Insurance Kenya

Amref Health Insurance Kenya has partnered with National Health Insurance Fund through technology innovations to increase insurance coverage. It is one of the companies providing universal health coverage in Kenya in 2022. Other products it offers include business development, clinical business, and healthcare technology business.

Summary of Health Insurance in Kenya

The above are some of the companies offering cheap health insurance in Kenya. You need to compare prices between different companies to get the best offer. Shop around and get quotes from different companies. Compare their coverage, premiums, and the overall cost of the insurance coverage. This way, you are likely to get the best health insurance in Kenya.