Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya

Comprehensive car insurance in Kenya provides full protection to your car and third parties. It provides protection against theft, fires, accidents, personal accident and third party liabilities. Some insurers provide additional coverage for specialized needs. Ultimately, the comprehensive cover offers more benefits compared to any other car insurance cover.

Primary Coverage in Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya

  • Theft
  • Fires
  • Falling objects
  • Windscreen damage
  • Damages to the third party
  • Personal accident
  • Damages caused by flooding

Comprehensive Car Insurance Quotes

The comprehensive car insurance cover is the most expensive but one that provides better protection. Car owners enjoy more benefits with the cover compared to other covers. It is best to check the benefits of a comprehensive cover from each insurer before committing yourself to a particular insurer.

Some insurers provide online car insurance quotes and you can compare prices online. To check prices online, you will need to enter your car’s model, year of manufacture and its estimated value. Also, you can visit an insurer and inquire about comprehensive insurance coverage and its price. Go for the cover that has more coverage.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Rates in Kenya

How much is comprehensive car insurance in Kenya? Some insurers calculate the price of comprehensive car insurance at 4% of the value of the car. Some of the other considerations include the car’s age, the value of the car and additional benefits.

You can reduce our comprehensive car insurance if you buy one online. Also, comparing comprehensive car insurance saves time since you will not need to visit insurers’ offices.

How Comprehensive Car Insurance Works in Kenya

Comprehensive car insurance is the most preferred car insurance since it gives car owners peace of mind. It is because it provides total protection preventing one from losses and liabilities. The following are some of the reasons why car owners prefer comprehensive car insurance in Kenya.

First, it gives you full protection. Comprehensive car insurance protects you from losing your car. You can lose the car through an accident, theft or writer off. In case of an accident or a theft of your car, you will be compensated the sum insured. If your car is written off, you will be compensated based on the car’s value.

You are also insured against third party liabilities. If you are involved in an accident where it is your fault and third party property is destroyed, the insurer will cover the third party liabilities. The third-party liabilities include passenger or another person’s injury or death resulting from an accident your car is involved in or third party property damage.

Provision of a courtesy car. Some insurers provide the insured with a courtesy car they can use while their car is undergoing repairs. You should check with your insurer if he provides a courtesy car before signing up.

What You Need to Sign Up For a Comprehensive Car Insurance

To sign up for comprehensive car insurance, you need to provide the insurer with a copy and original ID card, logbook and a car valuation report. You need to carry the above documents when signing up for car insurance in Kenya.

The valuation report is issued by an independent valuer who carries out an assessment and finds the car’s actual value. They then send a valuation report to the insurer. Sometimes it is best to have the valuation carried out by the insurer. It is because you might be charged more when you seek a valuer by yourself.

Best Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya

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