Extending your travel insurance

Travel insurance was a near monopoly of the UK travel agents, until recently. It was a larger component of their profit percentage. With more private insurance providers entering this market, the customer has got a wider choice. So, when you want to extend your travel insurance, to cover your holiday programme, you need not be restricted to buying it from the travel agent alone. Shop around or search the net as almost all travel insurance providers have a website. There are also insurance brokers who may be able to get you a better deal.

We are in this market to afford best bargains for our customers. With us you will find attractive travel insurance quotes from the leading UK holiday insurance companies including Lloyds TSB, Direct Line, Insurance and Go, Churchill and Onestop travel that will suit your budget.

There are some things which you ought to know when you want to extend you travel insurance, while on holiday or not. Selecting your travel dates that are to be included in the insurance cover is very important, as any claim on insurance would be processed, taking into account the period of the insurance cover only. This means that if any eventuality happens (flight cancellations that disrupt your holiday plans or cancellation of confirmed hotel bookings, etc.) outside the cover period, you will have no claim.

Also note that extending your holiday travel insurance, before its expiry is usually possible, even when you are abroad but extension after expiry is most unlikely.

A standard holiday insurance policy may not be enough if the period of your holiday is longer than a month or more. It might, also, not include certain activities like adventure travel, adventure sports, animal safaris or even back packing. These may be covered under optionals which are add-ons to the policy. Do not take these for granted as your insurer may refuse to pay your claims. Remember, policy premiums are always calculated on the gravity of the risks. Higher the risk, the higher would be the premium.

Winter sports holiday is another area which, normally, does not come under standard insurance cover and even if they do, check if it covers snowboarding or piste skiing. Check if your insurance provider covers the activity you want to undertake during your holiday. As always, read the fine print of your policy and get everything documented before you sign on.

Save money on travel insurance

A few pointers that may help you save some money when you buy insurance:

  • Do not necessarily buy your travel insurance from the travel agent. They may not, often, be the best buy.
  • If you go on holidays more than once a year, try for multi-trip holiday insurance.
  • If you are travelling as a couple or a small group, you could ask for a couple’s holiday insurance or a group insurance, if available.
  • Normally, travel insurance for the elderly (people over 75 years) is not available. Most insurers do not offer these as they are considered higher insurance risk but it is worthwhile to shop around to find some insurer that would offer such a cover. It may be just a basic cover and may not offer annual insurance but only single trip insurance.
  • If you are normally a resident of the UK and above 16 years of age and if your holiday trip takes you to any of the European Economic Areas or Switzerland you must get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you trave it gives you rights to healthcare, as any local citizen, that may become necessary during travel in this area.