Travel insurance for backpackers

Backpacking as a form of travel has evolved over the years but it is still associated with budget transport and budget accommodation. This is also the reason that you need travel insurance protection when you travel to countries where health care standards are not high. Never forget to carry the insurance policy and the company’s contact details with you.

The Travel Insurance Guide is a fund of information on how to choose the right policy for your travel. You will find some useful tips and advice here.

Medical and Healthcare cover

The most important feature of travel insurance is the medical cover, although it may cover other areas too. It may be difficult to access medical care in an emergency, in countries outside EU, if you do not have travel insurance. In some cases, even within EU, you might need to pay for some medical expenses. The government therefore recommends that you carry a £1 million health cover for travel within EU and £2 million health cover for travel outside EU.
It is advisable to take an insurance policy that provides 24 hour medical emergency services that includes air ambulance service for quick repatriation to your home country. Some policies may not include a cover for injuries caused by risky adventure sports like bungee jumping, sky-diving or jet-skiing but may permit add-ons on extra payment. You would need to add these if you are planning any of the adventure sports.

Possessions cover

Most travel insurance policies would provide cover for loss or damage to personal belongings but you must check how much would be the cover and if there are any exclusions. Read the fine print before you sign on.
Get baggage insurance when traveling as the reimbursement provided by the airlines due to loss or damage to your baggage may not be compensated adequately.
Report any theft to the police and get an acknowledgement of your complaint in order to file your claim with your insurance provider. Unsubstantiated claims may not be entertained.

Personal Liability Cover

A Personal Liability cover will protect you from compensating a complainant should you accidentally cause injury to a third party or damage their property.

Cancellation Cover

Include a Cancellation cover in the policy, even if it has to be an add-on feature as this would protect you from making payments if you need to cancel any part or the whole travel itinerary.

Personal Accident Cover

This cover will compensate you, in the unfortunate event of an accident that leads to permanent disability or your nominee, in case of your death. Some insurance providers will also pay for legal expenses should need to fight for the compensation legally.

General Advice

Answer all questions asked in the insurance application form truthfully as any untrue answers on your health could make your claim invalid
Always use the services of accredited agents registered with ATOL or ABTA and choose the insurance provider wisely. It is best to do a quality check on them before you sign on.
Get a free EHIC card if you are traveling in Europe as this helps you to get medical treatment often free or at reduced costs.
It is important to note that insurance providers will not cover you for injuries due to alcohol or drug abuse.