Computer insurance

Insurance plays an important part in giving you peace of mind these days. You have to insure almost everything you have including your computer. This is especially important as a lot of important data is stored on the computer as well as its vital role in earning you an income. So if your computer was to give up its ghost or if it was to be stolen you would be in real trouble. What normally happens when your computer is not insured is, that you end up paying a lot for repairs or you go for a new computer. The end result is that you would be spending a lot of money; this is where your computer insurance kicks in.

Here are some factors to consider, when insuring your computer.

  • First thing, of course, would be the warranty. Your claims will only he honoured if the product is covered by the inclusive date of the warranty. So remember to file all the documents you receive at the time of purchase, especially the receipts. A lot of companies ask for the receipt to guarantee the coverage. The reason for this is because; the receipt is your proof of purchase.
  • You can also insure your computer by including it in the homeowner’s insurance policy. You will have to read the fine print carefully and see your computer insurance is also integrated into the homeowner policy. What this means is that you would have to have sufficient personal property coverage.
  • Students who share rooms or living in dormitories and the computer is one of basic amenities then it is also best to go in for a specific computer insurance policy. This kind of insurance is best handled by the management of the school. The computer insurance also insures the accessories such as printers and so on.
  • Laptop insurance is also available but you have to know where to go for it. Check your homeowner policy to see if laptops are covered. The companies which insure laptops also insure, other hand held devices like cell phone, PDAs, notebooks and other portable equipment.
  • It would be good idea to calculate how much your insurance for the computer would cost. This would also help you narrow your search. The insurance company websites are of course the first place to look for information.