Travel Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is essential, particularly when one has planned a domestic trip or abroad. Unfortunately, sometimes you can fall sick or get an accident, or you get an urgent situation that will make you cancel your trip. This can make you lose a significant amount that is non-refundable. Therefore, make sure to get a cover for your trip, whether it is domestic or abroad.

Holiday Cancellation Insurance

It is a kind of insurance that covers you against losses that are incurred when you cancel a trip. Sometimes you have to make prepayments before you can travel. In case your flight is cancelled, it becomes challenging to get a refund of the amount.

The following are the benefits of cancellation insurance.

  • You get a refund on all your holiday prepayment costs
  • The insurance is available to people of different ages
  • Some insurers offer vehicle breakdown cover.
  • Emergency and medical assistance while on your trip

Adventure Travel Insurance

If you are going for an extreme adventure trip, you must insure your trip. There range of adventurous trips that you can get protected for; ski holiday, beach holiday, snowboarding and adrenaline junkies. The following are the standard features in adventure travel insurance.

  • A free cover for children
  • A single trip throughout the year
  • Multi trips for unlimited trips throughout the year
  • Emergency medical assistance while on a trip
  • Lost or broken luggage cover
  • Cancellation cover

Travel Insurance for Over 75s with Pre-existing Conditions

If you are above the age of 75 years or you have pre-existing conditions, you need to get an insurance cover. Some travel insurance companies can decline your claim f you have pre-existing conditions. This is why you need to get an insurance cover for over 75s and have pre-existing medical conditions.

If you have pre-existing medical condition ad you are above 75, there is a wide range of insurance policies that best fit you. A pre-existing condition must have been diagnosed before you took an insurance cover. Many insurers have a situation that you must be receiving treatment or getting medication for the disease. However, you should check with your insurer on pre-existing medical conditions.

Why Inform Your Insurer on Your Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The main reason why you need to inform your insurer on your pre-existing medical conditions is so that they can accurately calculate the premiums for your travel insurance. Having a pre-existing medical condition means that there are higher chances of you making a claim. A person with a pre-existing condition will pay higher premiums than one without.

Tell your insurer about your medical history when signing up for an insurance cover. Different countries charge different medical costs. As such, telling your insurer the country you are visiting and your pre-existing condition will make the insurer to consider the cost of medication in that country.

Pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition in insurance. However, if you are pregnant, let the insurer know so that they can consider your emergency assistance. If you had some complications in the previous pregnancies, make sure also inform the insurer.
A terminal illness is considered a pre-existing condition. If the risk of prognosis of the disease is higher, the insurer will advise you to get a special travel insurance cover. A standard insurance policy might not cover you adequately.

Travel Insurance Policy to Different Countries

Insurers charge different premiums based o the country one is visiting. This is because different countries have different prices for medical treatments. If you have a pre-existing condition, get a medical travel insurance policy instead.