Ski Holiday Insurance

If you are planning to go on a holiday on the snow to ski, there is always a risk involved. That is why you need to get a ski holiday insurance. Any sport involves some level of risk, and one could get injured, especially if you are going with your family. You could have a wrist twist and as such, you will need medical treatment.

Ski insurance is an insurance policy that is meant for people who are going on holiday trips. It covers any equipment you travel with and medical treatment if you might need any.

Compare Insurance Quotes for Ski

It is important that you get ski holiday insurance policy. To get the best ski holiday insurance policy, it is best that you shop around. Compare quotes from different insurance providers. Look at the terms and conditions of every insurer before committing yourself to an insurance policy.

You can compare prices online. Compare the Market will help you to compare ski insurance quotes so that you can find the best deal. Money Supermarket is also a specialist in comparing ski insurance quotes and will help you find the most convenient one for you.

Ski Insurance Coverage

  • Personal liability. If you injure someone else while skiing, the insurance covers your personal liability.
  • Ski pass. If at some point you need to buy a ski pass due loss or damage to the previous one. It covers the cost.
  • Cancellations. The insurance policy covers you just if you need to cancel your ski holiday due to an injury.
  • Medical treatment. If you get injured while you are skiing, the insurance will cover your medical treatment cost.
  • Equipment cover. You can purchase new equipment or replace a broken one using the cover.
  • Avalanche delays. The policy covers you if you cannot ski because of an avalanche.
  • Off-piste skiing. You are covered whenever you ski off-piste. However, you need the company of an instructor.

What is Not Covered in Ski Holiday Insurance

Some insurers exempt some ski activities depending on the policy that you purchase. The following are some types of skiing that you need to check whether they are covered in your policy.

  • Heli-skiing
  • Ski touring
  • Off-piste skiing
  • Freestyle skiing
  • Competitive skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Mono skiing
  • Ski fun parks
  • Cross country skiing

Ski Holiday Insurance Cost

Some factors determine the price of ski travel insurance. They include:

  • Where are you travelling to? If you are travelling within the EU, the cost will be less compared to someone travelling to the US or Australia.
  • How many people are to be covered? The number of people to be insured determines the cost of ski holiday insurance. You are likely to find an insurer that has a better process for family travel insurance.
  • How long is your ski holiday? Someone who is purchasing ski insurance for one month is likely to pay less than someone who is going away for one year.
  • One’s age. Ski holiday insurance cost becomes expensive the older you are. It is based on the assumption that most elderly people have pre-existing conditions.
  • Frequency of travel. People who travel frequently are likely to pay more either for a single trip or multi-trip.
  • Your health. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, your insurance price is likely to be much higher. Let the insurer know that you have pre-existing medical conditions before purchasing the policy.

When to Buy Ski Holiday Insurance?

You should buy ski holiday insurance when you are planning to go out on holiday. However, buy one until when you are sure you will be travelling and after you have booked your holiday. It is important to eliminate the chances of avoidable cancellations.