Ski holiday insurance

If you are not planning a winter holiday on the snow covered mountain slopes or going skiing or indulging in any ski-related winter sports, then forget ski holiday insurance but if you are, then you cannot do without it. If you travel with your family, then you absolutely cannot do without it.
Ski insurance not only gives you medical cover against a wide range of possible mishaps but also provides air ambulance services, in case evacuation is required, due to any accident or ski-related casualties. It also covers kids for free. And that’s not all. It covers your ski equipment for loss or damage too. This is why it is so important to be Ski holiday insured. Going on a ski or any winter sports holiday without arming yourself with sufficient insurance cover is a very risky venture.

Frequent travelers who are ski enthusiasts should opt for annual ski travel insurance. This would work out cheaper than buying insurance cover each time you go on a holiday. Besides it would give you annual protection, a secure feeling and great peace of mind. There are various policies on offer with many insurance providers. You would need to zero in on the one that fits your need and pockets.

But price should not be the only influencing factor when choosing your level of insurance. You must understand what cover you get at that price. It is also, generally, recommended that you purchase your ski holiday insurance along with your holiday booking. This may avoid you any price hike that may be brought in later.

The insurance companies realize the ‘can’t-do –without’ need of the ski-holiday traveler, or those that just go to the mountains to enjoy the snow, for the insurance cover and because of the fierce competition among them, prices may be lowered. But this does not mean that they would compromise on the service promised, neither should one get the feeling that it is cheap. On the contrary, they may include add-ons like off piste, snowboarding or cross country skiing as part of the protection.

Always read the fine print and understand your responsibilities as a policy holder towards the insurance company and what their liabilities towards you are. Be clear, also, on what kind of documentation that needs to be produced in case you have to make a claim.
So, the wise thing would be to first decide what activity you will indulge in your winter holiday and how much are you willing to pay to get covered. Accordingly, scout for the policy that would fit you better. The Internet is the best place for you to short list the providers and negotiate with them for the best deal.