single trip insurance

travel insurance to europe single trip

European travel insurance for a single trip

Travel insurance is essential in protecting you against various accidents or incidents that may occur during your trip. While there are annual multi-trip travel insurance options available, single-trip travel insurance is actually the most common type purchased by individuals in Europe.    To enjoy the benefits of a single trip policy, ensure that you purchase …

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Travel Insurance for Children

Travel insurance for children is a specific type of insurance designed to protect young travelers under 18 in case of unexpected events during their trip. It provides coverage for a range of situations, similar to regular travel insurance, but tailored to the unique needs of children. When traveling with your children, opting for travel insurance …

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Should I extend my travel insurance?

Extending your travel insurance

Extending Travel insurance is possible depending on your plan and when you want to do it. Some plans offer add-on extensions you can buy upfront, which extends your protection for a certain period while you’re travelling. However, in most cases, you cannot extend once your original coverage expires. There might be exceptions for emergencies or …

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What type of insurance do you need for skiing?

Ski Holiday Insurance

If you are planning to go on a holiday on the snow to ski, there is always a risk involved. That is why you need to get a ski holiday insurance. Any sport involves some level of risk, and one could get injured, especially if you are going with your family. You could have a …

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