Car Insurance for Girls

Although the EU advised insurers not to consider gender when determining car insurance prices, car insurance for girls is generally cheaper. It is because girls are considered safer drivers; hence they make fewer claims. As such, they end up getting ore discounts like no claims discounts, unlike their male counterparts.

Comparing Car Insurance for Girls

To get a cheaper deal, you need to shop around. You can also compare prices online using car insurance price comparison sites. Compare the Market will help you compare and get a cheaper quote. Money Supermarket also collaborates with many car insurance providers helping you get more affordable car insurance.

Cost of Car Insurance for Girls

The average premium price of car insurance for a comprehensive cover is £416 for women. For men, the average premium price is £520. Also, the average price for young girls is £851 while that for young me is £1,189. It is an indication that females pay cheaper car insurance premiums than males.

Why is Car Insurance for Girls Cheaper?

With the 2012 EU directive to insurers not to use gender determining premiums, there are still other factors that make car insurance for girls cheaper. Insurers no longer consider gender to determine prices, but other factors like mileage and driving safety make girls’ car insurance more affordable.

Insurers calculate the prices of car insurance based on the level of risk. Generally, girls tend to drive carefully and strictly follow highway codes. Girls cause fewer accidents allowing them to build no claims discount. As such, the prices of car insurance reflect on their premiums.

Girls also tend to drive cars with smaller engines. Most insurers will charge higher process for vehicles with big engines. As such, such, the price of car insurance for girls generally is much lower. On the other hand, male counterparts drive cars with large engines hence paying higher premiums.

Girls tend to drove less and for short distances. The more frequently you drive, the higher the chances of getting an accident. It is because of many reasons, among them tiredness. And since girls drive for smaller miles, their premiums are often low.

Some insurers also take into account the driver’s occupation. More girls are in the nursing and teaching professions, which attract fewer insurance premiums. This way, many girls can enjoy less car insurance premiums.

How to Bring Down the Cost of Car Insurance for Girls

There are a few ways you can bring down the cost of your car insurance.

  • Drive for fewer miles. When you drive for fewer miles, you reduce the risk of causing an accident. Insurers consider mileage as a factor in determining car insurance. If you drive for fewer miles, they will charge you fewer premiums.
  • Improve the security of your car. Installing security features like car alarms to keep away car thieves will help you bring down the cost of your car insurance. Ask your insurer if they are offering discounts for cars with security features.
  • Increase your insurance excesses. Insurance excesses in the amount you agree to up to what the insurer compensates when you make a claim. With higher excesses, you can get cheaper car insurance. However, ensure that you can afford the excess you agree to pay.
  • Buy telematics (black box) insurance. Telematics insurance is better for girls considered as safer drivers. A device will be installed in your car and track how you drive, brake, accelerate and corner. If you drive safely, you get cheaper insurance premiums.
  • Add a named driver. You can reduce girls’ car insurance by adding a named driver. The named driver can be a parent or guardian, but he needs to have more driving experience.