Travel Insurance Northern Ireland

As a UK resident who is travelling to Northern Ireland, travel insurance is something a lot more optional than if you were planning to go somewhere that you were not covered by the health service. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK and therefore, as a UK resident, you are entitled to use the NHS service, should you need to do so while visiting Northern Ireland. That begs the question, why do you need travel insurance for your trip to NI, and do you need it at all? A single trip travel insurance would relieve all doubts, with Club Direct for £6.30.

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Northern Ireland?

One of the main reasons for travel insurance is usually to cover the cost of medical expenses, both minor and major, in the event that something should go wrong in a foreign country. Without the need for medical insurance what else can insurance companies offer, and what are your needs?

One of the major policies for travel insurance within the UK is to cover in the event of cancellations, such as with flights or accommodation. You can also cover yourself against delays, and against loss and theft of belongings. You can insure your luggage too, and you are of course automatically covered for health care.

If you are a non-UK resident looking for travel insurance for Northern Ireland, then you will need to consider medical insurance too.

Travel Insurance Comparison Northern Ireland

Insurance companies are able to offer very cheap prices to UK residents for UK travel insurance, including NI, because of the fact that medical cover is needless. Still it is worth shopping around to find the best deals for your situation and needs. Make your requirements clear and get a quote from several companies. Consider whether you even need travel insurance. If your costs are already cheap, and your baggage is not particularly valuable then it might not even be worth it. Sites like the AA span the whole of Great Britain, so are a sure choice.

Travel Insurance For UK Resident Flying From Dublin

If you are looking for travel insurance as a UK resident flying from Dublin, back to the UK, then there are many companies that can provide. You can cover yourself against cancellations, delays, and baggage. You should especially consider ensuring your baggage if you have a lot of expensive belongings.

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