Northern Ireland

cheap taxi insurance under 25

Taxi Insurance for Under 25 In Northern Ireland

Unlike standard car insurance, taxi insurance covers the specific risks associated with commercial passenger transportation. This includes liability for injuries sustained by passengers, third-party property damage, and coverage for specialized taxi equipment like fare meters. How Taxi Insurance Works Purchasing taxi insurance in Northern Ireland follows a similar process to regular car insurance. You’ll need …

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women's car insurance ni

Car Insurance Northern Ireland: A Guide

Northern Ireland (NI) car insurance policies are the same as those for England. The only difference is the price. Car insurance in Northern Ireland is more expensive compared to other parts of the UK. The average cost of motor insurance is estimated to stand at £681, which is 18 percent more compared to other regions …

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travel insurance ni

Travel Insurance for Northern Ireland

Visitors from countries like the US, South Korea, India, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan, and others, should consider travel insurance when planning a trip to Northern Ireland. While Northern Ireland is part of the UK, and thus UK residents can use NHS services, international travelers may need additional coverage. This guide to travel insurance NI will attempt …

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taxi insurance ni

Taxi Insurance in Northern Ireland: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned black cab driver, a private hire operator, or managing a fleet of taxis, having the right taxi insurance in Northern Ireland (NI) is mandatory. Insurance for taxis is often more expensive than for other vehicles, and although this may seem unfair at first, there are reasons for this. Taxi drivers drive …

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household insurance ni

Home insurance Northern Ireland

While home insurance isn’t mandatory in Northern Ireland, it’s highly recommended for property owners. It protects your home against various potential damages, including fire, floods, and lightning. Repairing or rebuilding after an accident can be expensive, making comprehensive home insurance a valuable investment. Who Needs Home Insurance in Northern Ireland? Home insurance in NI is …

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