What does professional indemnity insurance cover in UK?

A Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance in UK

Whether you’re a business owner, consultant, or independent professional, offering services or advice comes with inherent risks. Mistakes, oversights, or even unintentional breaches of confidentiality can lead to costly legal claims from clients. This is where professional indemnity insurance steps in. PI protects you from financial ruin and reputational damage in the face of legal …

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how to get third party car insurance

What’s Third Party Car Insurance?

In the United Kingdom, having car insurance is a legal requirement, and there are various types of coverage available to meet different needs. One common and essential form of car insurance is third party car insurance. It is the minimum legal requirement for drivers in the UK. This type of insurance provides coverage for damages …

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cheap taxi insurance under 25

Taxi Insurance for Under 25 In Northern Ireland

Unlike standard car insurance, taxi insurance covers the specific risks associated with commercial passenger transportation. This includes liability for injuries sustained by passengers, third-party property damage, and coverage for specialized taxi equipment like fare meters. How Taxi Insurance Works Purchasing taxi insurance in Northern Ireland follows a similar process to regular car insurance. You’ll need …

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Admiral Black Box Insurance

Black box insurance, also called telematics, monitors your driving style and rewards safe habits with potential discounts. Admiral‘s black box insurance tracks factors like speed, braking, and mileage to generate a personalized driving score. This score determines how much you could save at renewal, with a chance for significant reductions for responsible drivers. Young drivers …

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decommissioned taxi insurance

Decommissioned London Taxi Insurance

A decommissioned London taxi is a black cab that has officially surrendered its taxi licence and number plate to Transport for London (TfL) and cannot be used for commercial taxi service in London again. This can happen for various reasons, from engine age to changing regulations. However, it’s still perfectly legal to drive on the …

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london taxi insurance private use

Cheap Private Hire Taxi Insurance in the UK

Unlike public hire taxis (black cabs) that can be hailed on the street, private hire vehicles or private hire minicab insurance (also known as Hire and Reward) must be pre-booked through apps or phone calls. Yet, both face the risks of accidents, passenger injuries, and damage to vehicles. This is where private hire taxi insurance …

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crop insurance uk

Crop Insurance in the UK

Crop insurance is a risk management tool specifically designed for agricultural producers in the UK. It is a type of farm insurance that provides financial protection against losses caused by unforeseen events such as natural disasters, market fluctuations, and even diseases. By mitigating these risks, crop insurance helps farmers stabilize their income and secure their …

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veygo car insurance uk

Veygo Temporary Insurance Review

Veygo offers short-term car insurance in the UK for both car owners and temporary drivers. It is a temporary car insurance for yourself or others who need to drive a car for a limited period. It caters to a wide range of scenarios, including learner drivers, friends or family members sharing a car, and individuals …

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black box insurance ni

Top Black Box Insurance in Northern Ireland

Black box insurance, also known as telematics insurance, is a type of car insurance in Northern Ireland where a small device is installed in your car to monitor your driving behavior. It is often regarded as young and new drivers’insurance. Young drivers are usually considered a higher risk. Therefore, the device collects data on factors …

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health insurance companies in Kenya

Health Insurance in Kenya

If you are looking for a good health insurance in Kenya, then you need to consider some of the best health insurance providers in Kenya. Among the things to look out for include coverage, overall cost, premiums, and the number of dependents. Besides, it is also good to ask yourself whether you want universal health …

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