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How to Find the Best Car Insurance Plan

Tens of car insurance companies operate in the UK. Still, finding the right one takes a lot of doing. Every one of these companies tells you that they offer the best car insurance plan in the world, but that takes you neither here nor there. In the end, you are left to do your own homework. Carefully paying attention to the following factors, you can ensconce yourself in a safe insurance plan.

Understand Your Car’s Route

This is where most insurance plan buyers go wrong: they are more ‘insurance plan-centred’ than ‘their own insurance plan-centred’ in their approach. You need to come to terms with one thing: you are not buying a ceiling fan that you just have to make do with whatever is available. Your car insurance plan has to suit your needs. If you think that paying top-dollar and going for the priciest package is going to be a ‘safe’ idea, you’ve got another one coming! Why would you pay extra for protecting against car damage due to shabby roads when the only place you drive is through the smooth roads of central London? It doesn’t make any sense; still, many do it to be ‘on the safe side’! The point is simple: if you drive through the busy roads of London, you’d better buy a package that covers better in cases of a motorbike running into your bumper! Understand your needs and then tailor your car insurance plan according to them.

Understand Your Car’s Condition

Listen up, everyone! It’s a really important announcement and you should ALL listen to this: ‘BRAND NEW CARS DON’T USUALLY BREAK DOWN’ Got it? Any rocket science? No! Still, so many people ignore this obvious reality and buy an insurance plan that also covers car break down despite the fact that their car is in a good condition and least likely to break down in the near future. However, don’t go to the other extreme either; if your ride is ramshackle, you’d better pay more towards break down cover than trying to underwrite any future accidents.

Understand Their Terms & Conditions

All said, there is no escaping the fact that insurance companies are businesses. They work for their own profit. Their agreements are carefully drafted so as to prevent them from footing liability when they the bill gets big. Make sure that you read the car insurance plan agreement carefully before you sign it. Make sure that you don’t buy a plan carelessly; if you do, you’d only realise it after it’s too late!

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