Restaurant Insurance

Every business has varied risks. Likewise, a restaurant has varying risks. As such, you need restaurant insurance to protect your business, customers and staff. There is a wide variety of insurance covers you can take for your restaurant. Restaurant insurance is a kind of business indemnity insurance.

To get the best insurance cover for your restaurant, make sure to shop around before committing yourself to one. You can get an insurance cover online by comparing restaurant insurance quotes on Compare the Market.

Restaurant Risks that You Need to Insure Against

Every business owner needs to insure his business against any risk that may arise. Restaurants owners need to be aware of the following risks and protect themselves against such risks.

Food Safety

Most restaurant owners get claims from customers due to food poisoning. Ensuring high standards of food safety in your restaurant is paramount. However, even in instances when you ensure high food safety, sometimes you will still get claims for food poisoning. It is because some clients have issues with food allergies. Therefore, make sure to get restaurant product liability insurance.

Fire Safety

Some foods require cooking with high temperatures. The chances of fire outbreaks are usually higher in restaurants compared to other businesses. As such, you need to get insurance to protect your kitchen staff and equipment.


Theft is also a significant risk for most restaurants. It is because there is a high inflow of clients carrying valuable items. Also, there is usually such in the kitchen store, making restaurants highly susceptible to burglary. Sometimes theft can involve damage of property like fixtures and fittings. An insurance cover will protect you against such losses.


Many items in a restaurant are at risk of theft and accident. It is not limited to your customers’ belongings. Contents and stock insurance will property your belongings against any loss of items. You can take a comprehensive cover for the contents insurance so that you are fully protected against any risk.

Types of Restaurant Insurance Cover

Public liability insurance covers your customers in case they get an accident inside the restaurant.

  • Product liability insurance. It covers you against claims from customers who may experience food poisoning after eating from your restaurant.
  • Employer’s liability. It protects the employer against claims from your staff that may get injured while executing their duties in your restaurant.
  • Business contents insurance. Restaurants are at higher risk of catching fire. Business contents insurance protects the contents of business from damages resting from fires, flood and other accidents.
  • Business interruption insurance is an insurance cover that protects a business against losses incurring from business interruptions.

Why You Need Restaurant Insurance

Here are the benefits that you will enjoy when you get restaurant insurance.
Minimize the risk of losses in accidents like fires. In case of an incident, you will be compensated.

  • Provide duty of care to your staff. You will ensure that your team is well covered in case of an accident. They can also get compensation in case of an accident.
  • It ensures that your restaurant remains profitable during challenging situations. Business interruption insurance will ensure that you continue getting revenue and paying your staff when there is a disruption in business.


Make sure that you know what you want from restaurant insurance. First, check the policy document before signing up. If you won the business building, make sure to insure it. If you have rented the building, most probably, the landlord has insured it. Finally, for the stock, insure it at the cost price and not on the retail price.