Health Insurance Coverage for Covid-19 UK

Coronavirus patients in the UK are being treated under the NHS whether they are in private facilities or in public facilities. If you have health insurance UK, testing and screening are not covered by the health insurance policy. The health insurance UK covers the cost of treatment, but in some cases, it may be difficult to access some care during this pandemic. For those who have NHS cash benefit in their policies, they can receive the payment based on the terms and conditions of their policy.

Private Health Insurance for Covid-19 UK

Most of the private facilities have been reallocated to the NHS to help counter the rapid increase of infections in the UK. Covid-19 infections have led to increased demand for health services. With many patients requiring intensive care support and with the unavailability of adequate ventilators, the UK’s demand for health facilities continues to be strained. The UK government is making efforts to increase bed capacities for intensive care.

To manage the strain, the NHS is working in collaboration with Independent Healthcare Providers Network. Forecasts show that the move to merge the operations of private facilities with NHS will make private health policyholders cancel their medical insurance policies. It is because their policies have been rendered obsolete.

What Can I Claim for During Covid-19 Pandemic?

The terms and conditions of all health insurance policies in the UK have not changed. This means that you can claim for any of your coverage. Even for those who are wondering whether they should renew their health insurance policies UK, the current terms are still in place. However, if there is any issue that you would like to discuss with your insurer, you can.

For patients having Covid-19 care under the NHS in private facilities, they can still claim NHS cash benefit. This is regardless of attending private facilities for those under the NHS.

International Health Insurance Policy for Covid-19 Patients

If you have international health care insurance policy, you will continue enjoying your health benefits even if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus disease. Some health insurance providers offer virtual doctor service. in this case, if you are diagnosed with Covid-19, you can book a virtual consultation with your doctor. The call can be through a phone call or a video call. This way, you can ask all medical questions regarding your symptoms and treatment.

Canceling Medical Insurance Policies during Covid-19

Some policyholders may be wondering if it is worthwhile having a health insurance cover in the wake of Covid-19. As such, many people are contemplating canceling their policies until when Covid-19 id eradicated. It is important that you discuss with your health insurance policy provider to understand how the move would impact your cover.

Remote Consultation Health Insurance Coverage

At some point, you may need the help of a physiotherapist or you may need to consult your doctor through video or a phone call. Such cases are covered under the terms and conditions of your policy. Most health insurance providers are still providing such coverage. However, the practitioner that you are consulting needs to be recognized by your health insurance provider.

Admitted to a Private Hospital for Covid-19?

If you are admitted to a private hospital and you are suffering from Covid-19, you will be under the care of the NHS. If you still do not have a diagnosis for a condition you are suffering from, the terms and conditions of your policy will dictate whether your policy will cover for the investigations. This is something that you would need to inquire from your health insurer.

Can’t Pay Health Insurance Premiums due to Covid-19

If you have lost your job due to the effects of Covid-19 and you can’t pay your monthly premiums, you would need to discuss the matter with your insurer. Some of the health insurers in the UK are offering 3 months premium deferment for those affected by Covid-19. However, insurers are treating individual situations differently and that is why you need to communicate with your insurer.


Just like other countries, the UK is also battling to flatten the Covid-19 curve. As of May 31st, the number of Coronavirus cases in the UK stood as 274,762. The NHS has taken charge for the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19. For mist insurers, policyholders can still make claims subject to the terms and conditions of their policies.

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