International Students Insurance in the UK

The UK is among the leading destinations for international students not only for undergraduates and postgraduates but also for secondary school education. Schools in the UK are recognized internationally and qualifying from one will give you higher competitive power among your peers. You can get international student travel insurance, medical insurance for international students or your agent or school can recommend for you the best insurance cover to sign up. Make sure to sign up for insurance before travelling. This will ensure that you are covered from the time you start travelling to the UK.

International Students Insurance Coverage

Insurance for international students has wider coverage such as course fees, family visits, medical expenses and third-party liability. In case you get an accident or illness and you are not in a position to complete your course, you get a reimbursement of any prepaid course fees. If there is a need to bring a relative to the UK due to medical emergencies, the insurance covers the cost. Besides, your medical expenses that are not catered for by the National Health Service, will also be covered for by the insurance. Generally, international student travel insurance covers the following.

  • Cost of replacing a lost visa or passport
  • Cost of replacing lost luggage
  • Prepaid course fees if you end your course due to illness
  • Cost of emergency dental treatment
  • Repatriation due to medical reasons

Conditions for Medical Health Insurance for International Students

Apart from the medical insurance cover, the UK also has a National Health Service. The conditions of benefiting from the service include:

  • Long term visa. You must have a long term, a visa which is not less than 6 months.
  • *Short term visa. If your duration of study is less than six months, then you will need to take private medical insurance.
  • Private medical insurance. When applying for a visa, you have to pay for a health immigration surcharge, which is mandatory. Private medical insurance covers the following:
  1. Prepaid fees if your end you course prematurely
  2. Traveling costs to your home country for medical reasons
  3. The cost of private medical treatment

What to Look for in International Student Medical Insurance

When taking an insurance cover, it is important to know what you are covered against and the benefits you will enjoy from the cover. Some of the things to look for in the coverage include the following.

Medical coverage for injury or illness

Ensure that you are covered for medical expenses resulting from an accident or an injury. The cost can also cater for ambulance costs and surgery costs.

Accidental Death Coverage

Traveling across the world has risks and it is wise to get insured just in case the worst happens. In a case where you travel to study in the UK and you get an accident, you get compensated. If you die in the course of stay in the UK, the insurance caters for the repatriation of your remains to your home country.

Terrorism Coverage

No one wants to become a victim of terrorism, but it wise to consider the worst-case scenario. If you are in the UK and you become a victim of a terror attack and you are left injured, you are eligible for medical compensation.

Trip Interruption Coverage

While you are studying in the UK and you get new that one of your close family members has passed away, your insurance covers for a one-way air ticket to your home country.

Lost Luggage Coverage

If your luggage is lost by the airlines and you file a formal claim and after 10 days you cannot trace your luggage, the insurance will cover the for replacement cost.

Travel Delay Coverage

Imagine on the day you are travelling back home you hear your flight has been delayed due to unfavorable weather. If you have insurance, you will get coverage for accommodation and meals for the entire period of flight delay.

Travel Assistance Services

Traveling to a new country is overwhelming and you are likely to encounter difficulties such as obtaining a passport or visa replacement, legal assistance or cash transfer. Having an insurance cover will cover all the costs related to travel assistance.