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Best international students insurance uk

International Students Insurance in the UK

The UK is among the leading destinations for international students, not only for undergraduates and postgraduates but also for secondary school education. International students in the UK are required to have health insurance, but the type of insurance you need will depend on the length of your course. Many universities and colleges have specific requirements …

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Car insurance for teens

So you are 17, you have a driver’s license and in line to buy a new car. Selecting the right car for a teenager is important because the cost of insurance depends on it. And unfortunately, car insurance for teenagers is a bit more expensive than insurance for more experienced drivers. After attending the Pass …

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Cheap car insurance for students

The UK law requires that every driver have car insurance. If you are a student and you wish to drive, you need student car insurance. You will notice that most insurers are very reluctant when giving car insurance to students. It is because young people are categorized as a risky group. Between January 2018 and …

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