Cheap Laptop Insurance

Getting the best laptop insurance or computer insurance is important and gives you peace of mind. Laptop insurance, computer as well as other gadget insurance such as a phone insurance is critical since these devices can be fragile and vulnerable to breakages. A fall, accidental spillage of water or tea and even theft are all events that can happen. You want peace of mind when your laptop is stolen. Laptops are expensive and contain important information that you do not want to lose.

Cheap Laptop Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies offer insurance covers ranging from Macbook insurance theft, laptop insurance for students, notebook insurance, mobile phone and laptop insurance and insurance for other gadgets like camera, tablet, iPad and game console.

One of the excellent ways to find cheap laptop insurance is by comparing laptop insurance quotes. There also exist special websites that will help you to compare laptop insurance quotes, such as MoneySupermarket. The following are some of the best laptop insurance companies that you can get quotes from and compare yourself.

  • Simplesurance. It offers insurance policies ranging from 12, 24 and 36 months. A device must be less than six months old. This is an annual payment policy that covers your gadgets against accidental damages and theft. Monthly premiums start from 2.91 euros.
  • Gadget Cover. The insurer has a cover for a laptop and multi gadget insurance cover. It covers devices from accidental damage, breakdown, theft and loss. Monthly payments start from as low as 5.80 euros.
  • Protect your This laptop insurance company has three covers; laptop insurance, Macbook insurance theft and gadget insurance three plus items. The insurer covers your laptop against accidental damage, breakdown, unlimited repairs and theft. It has a monthly rolling cover, but you can cancel it anytime. The cover is worldwide with unlimited trips.
  • Switched on Gadget Insurance. The insurer offers comprehensive policies that cover gadgets against theft, accidental damage and loss. You can access immediate cover with low insurance excesses. It has unlimited claims.
  • Loveit Coverit. The insurance company has been in operation for over 30 years having insured over one million mobile devices. They have low insurance excesses with a quick claim process. All claims are handled in-house.
  • Endsleigh Gadget and Possessions Insurance. You can cover your laptop, phone or tablet against accidental or liquid damage, cracked screen, loss and theft. A replacement is done within 24 hours after making a claim. They offer a worldwide cover of 120 days. You can save up to 10 percent when you insure 2 gadgets and 15 percent when you insure more than 3 gadgets.

What is covered by Phone and Laptop Insurance?

Laptop insurance comparison is critical when looking for the best deal. It is crucial that you check what the policy covers before you can commit yourself to one. Most policies will include the following:

  • Accidental damage due to a fall or liquid spillage
  • Theft
  • Repair cost due to mechanical issues
  • Accessory cover
  • Malicious damage screen replacement
  • Fire
  • A short circuit as a result of lightning or any other accident

You can take a premium cover for your laptop to cover all of the above. However, it is expensive. If you wish to cut on the insurance cost, you can figure out what is the greatest risk for your laptop. Then consider taking an insurance cover for that risk.

Factor Affecting UK Laptop Insurance

Most laptop policies have some exclusions. Some insurers will accept or turn down your request for laptop insurance on the following grounds.

  • Age of the laptop. Some insurers will only accept new laptops or those that are less than 24 months old. This differs from one insurer to the other. Confirm with your insurer.
  • Laptops purchased in the UK. Some insurers will not accept to cover laptops purchased or manufactured in other countries. You can confirm from your insurer before deciding where to buy a laptop.
  • Wear and tear. Most insurers will not cover you for the normal wear and tear of your laptop.
  • Your age. Some policies require the holder to be above 18 years of age.
  • Virus damage. If you forgot to update your laptop’s anti-virus software, your request for compensation maybe turned down.
  • Warranty. A new laptop usually comes with a warranty period under which, if the laptop is damaged, you get a free repair. The insurer will not compensate you for repairs if you are within the warranty time frame.

It is important to note that there is no need to buy an insurance policy if your laptop is covered elsewhere. For instance, if you have home insurance or a warranty that adequately covers your laptop, then you may not need an insurance policy. Home insurance will only cover your laptop in case of theft or loss while it is at home.

Apart from covering your laptop from loss or theft, some insurance companies offer free laptop maintenance and mobile and laptop tracking. To register for laptop insurance, you need to have proof of its purchase and you should have bought it within the last three months in the UK. It is best to check the policy document before you can commit yourself to determine if you will be adequately covered.

Laptop Insurance for Students

Mobile, phone and laptop insurance for students is important to protect them and other gadget against theft. This will give you and your parent the peace of mind. While parents dread receiving calls informing them that a laptop got damaged or stolen, others assume that since their children are still living in their homes, then the home insurance will cover their gadgets. It might not always be the case with some insurance policies, which might take too long to have the device replaced. For international students, laptop insurance offers international students’ peace of mind, knowing a costly repair or replacement won’t disrupt their studies while studying abroad.

You don’t need to take a basic level of possessions from a laptop insurance company since stand-alone insurance for students’ possessions are available in the market. Mobile phone and laptop insurance for students cover, accidental damage, breakdown, cracked screen and accessory cover. Some insurers also have laptop insurance abroad just in case you lose or break your gadget while you are in abroad. Compare laptop insurance online to get the best deal for a student.

Business Laptop Insurance

Business laptop insurance is similar to any other gadget insurance policy. However, it only covers the gadgets that you use in your workplace. If you are an electronic dealer, it does not cover your stock, but those gadgets that you and employees use.

A Business gadget insurance covers a wide variety of gadgets such as laptops, iPads, tablets, cameras, desktops and televisions. It covers your gadgets against theft, loss, breakdown, accidental dame and worldwide cover. It does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches or the contents of your gadget such as software. Only the listed gadgets in your policy are covered.

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