South Africa

health insurance companies in south africa

Health Insurance in South Africa

South Africa is among the countries with an excellent healthcare system in Africa. Public and private health systems exist parallel in South Africa. Health insurance in South Africa is available for residents, expats, and students in South Africa. Expats are highly advised to invest in international health insurance in South Africa. Here, you are going …

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africa car insurance app

Best Mobile Apps for Car Insurance in Africa

The internet and mobile apps are transforming many industries. The car insurance industry is not an exception. Car insurance apps are on the rise in Africa. They help you to make claims digitally and even provide proof of incidence to the insurer. Apps make work easier as you do not have to visit the insurer’s …

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Car Insurance for Foreigners in South Africa

In South Africa, it is mandatory for every car, including foreign vehicles, to have insurance coverage. The law stipulates that the minimum required level of car insurance is the Third Party Only insurance. For foreigners or expats driving in South Africa, the need for insurance coverage is not only a legal requirement but also a …

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temporary car insurance south africa

Short Term Car Insurance in South Africa

Temporary or short term car insurance in South Africa is car insurance that you buy for a short duration, usually less than one year. It can be one day, one month, 3 months, or 6 months. Short term car insurance in South Africa is necessary and cheaper in some instances. For instance, if you are …

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Business Insurance in South Africa

South Africa is a business spot with many companies flourishing. The presence of companies has necessitated for the establishment of business insurance tailored products. Having business insurance for your venture is a great deal and helps minimize unforeseen risks and secure business assets, customers and employees. In case of an accident, you can get compensated. …

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