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Car insurance for teens

So you are 17, you have a driver's license and in line to buy a new car. This can be quite a job. Selecting the right car for a teenager is important because the cost of the insurance depends on it. And unfortunately car insurance for teenagers is a bit more expensive than an insurance for more experienced drivers.

After attending the Pass Plus course you have to ensure that the car you buy belongs in the low risk category. The information about the low risk category is available on the Association of British Insurers website. It is always better to go for a car with a small engine and no modifications. If you buy a car with a more powerful engine or with a lot of modifications then the insurance will cost a lot more.

It is quite difficult to find affordable car insurance for teenagers. Insurance companies quote statistics which shows that teenagers are more prone to accidents. Teenagers are generally considered as a high risk group. According to a recent survey, the level of car insurance claims by teenagers is very high compared to any other age group. This is the one reason why car insurance premiums for teenage drivers are so high. In the first year of driving teenage drivers are more likely to make a claim then those over 25.

Remember that that in the UK it is a must that you have car insurance, and if you are on the road without an insurance it would cost you a lot.

The first thing to do when you are shopping for car insurance is to let your insurer know that the car is parked in a garage. This will bring down the insurance cost.

The next thing to do is to calculate the mileage. You have to be very careful here; first calculate the daily commute and then the additional miles that you are likely to drive. Let the insurance company know if you don't drive regularly or long distances. This is something that will bring down the cost of the cover. Remember that is you exceed the mileage and something goes wrong, your claim will be denied.

Cheap car insurance for teens

Some teenagers or parents of teenagers add junior's car to the parent's policy this might be cheaper in the short term but is not really advisable. The main reason is that the youngster will not have the responsibility of building up a no claims reputation. This is very important as it will go a long way in getting the young person, a no-claims discount at the end of the year and also a better deal with the next car and the next policy.

But it is not quite a gloomy scenario for teenage drivers. There are a number of companies which offer affordable insurance for 17-year olds. Check out the company websites and select one which suits you the best.