Professional Indemnity Insurance For a Small Business

The success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, it is likely that one can make an error when doing business. As such, it is important to have business indemnity insurance. In some cases, you will come across clients claiming that you did an error while of course, you didn’t. It is for such scenarios that you need to get a business indemnity insurance to protect your business against such costs.

You can get professional indemnity insurance for a wide array of fields ranging from legal practice, consultancy, health and fitness and beauty. Some of the business indemnity insurance available in the market includes:

  • Professional indemnity insurance for dance instructors
  • Drama instructor professional indemnity insurance
  • Interior designer professional indemnity insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapists
  • Professional indemnity nurses UK

Misconceptions about Business Indemnity Insurance

  • My general liability is enough
    A general business liability policy covers the businessman and the business in instances when a customer has suffered bodily harm, property damage or losses emanating from business advertising. It can also cover losses emanating from losses encountered by a customer due to wrong advice or service offered and legal costs. Nonetheless, you will be required to bear the loss due to a tainted reputation.
  • Business Indemnity Insurance is important for Large Businesses only
    Business indemnity insurance is critical for small, medium and large businesses. You can make an error regardless of the size of your business and t would cost you your entire investment. A client can make a claim for causing him some loss and as such, you need professional indemnity insurance policy for businesses.
  • Insurance is expensive
    Since small businesses have small budgets, the common conception is that the business does not require insurance. As such, your business may end up counting losses for failing to purchase a professional indemnity insurance policy. You can easily get cheap professional indemnity insurance UK. You only need to compare professional indemnity insurance UK.
  • I’m good at my work I can’t get negligence related claim
    It is easy to make an error even for professional ad experts. I some other instances, you can receive claims from unsatisfied clients regardless of how processional you did your work. As such, you are likely to spend a lot on legal fees, which you would have otherwise used to purchase an insurance policy.

Professional Business Indemnity Insurance Coverage

Professional indemnity insurance providers have policies that differ in terms of needs and costs. As such, it is important for you to do professional indemnity insurance price comparison before buying a policy. As such, it is easy to get one that suits your needs and cheap indemnity insurance. Business indemnity insurance will cover the following:

  • Negligence. Business indemnity insurance policy will cover you against negligence claims whether they are made rightfully or unfairly.
  • Legal expenses. If a customer makes a claim, you will incur high expenses even if you are not guilty. You will need the services of an attorney and that is why you need to purchase a business indemnity insurance policy.
  • Personal injury. Defamation is a form of personal injury. Defamation will hurt your business a lot and the policy would cover you against such losses.
  • Independent contractors and temporary staff. Since small businesses have smaller budgets, sometimes they may prefer to hire staff on a temporary basis. Such employees can make an error while representing your brand and result in claims from clients.
  • Claims and damages. A client can make a claim for damages that do not really show any kind of negligence. For instance, if you are operating a school, a parent can file a claim for a student’s failure to perform well. In such cases, professional indemnity insurance for small businesses is important.
  • Worldwide coverage. Business indemnity insurers provide policies that cover business all over the world. However, the claim must be made within the area where the insurer operates.

What is not covered under Business Indemnity Insurance Cover?

  • Fraudulent deeds. Professional indemnity insurance will not protect you against acts of dishonesty, fraud, or crime. In fact, you may be required to reimburse the insurer of the costs incurred in court while trying to defend your actions.
  • Employment issues. The policy will no cover you in case of a claim presented against you for unacceptable deeds committed against your workers. This also includes claims emerging from not compensating your workers as required or an employer’s liability claim.
  • Personally identifiable data. The policy will not be applicable if it is found that you failed to protect personally identifiable details that were in your control, custody, or care.
  • False advertising. Professional indemnity insurance will not cover you and your business if the presented claim results from you making a false advertisement.
  • Additional services. The insurance will not be applicable if the service in question was not included in the policy documents.
  • Property damage or bodily harm. In case you harm someone or damage their property, you will need general liability and not property indemnity insurance.

Cost of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance providers for small businesses charge different prices based on the coverage and one’s needs. As a small business, the best approach to getting cheap professional indemnity is to compare prices from different providers. You can also make use of online comparison tools like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket.


It is not only big companies that need professional indemnity insurance. Small business also needs the policy to cover them against heft losses that they may incur. When purchasing, look for one that covers your needs adequately and it’s affordable at the same time.