Cheap car insurance for students

Student concessions are available in each and every aspect of life as students are not earning their livelihood which is the reason why they are offered such choices. Concessions to students are offered in school fees, travel fees and in various other aspects of living as well. Car insurance for students is also offered however it is not very common and many insurers do not provide this option. The key fact for availing student car insurance is to make sure that you are offered the best rates which are extremely suited for a student’s lifestyle. In short, once you try to find out the best student rates for students, you will discover that most of the insurers are reluctant in offering car insurance for students. Getting affordable car insurance is of great importance to students as they would not be really flush with funds. The lucky ones, of course, would get their fond parents to cough up the money. But for the greater majority it would be a tough job to find cheap car insurance as most insurance companies define students as a high risk group.

Cheap student car insurance

Most students will find that when they move to another town to go to university, this would most likely have a negative impact on the insurance quotes. This makes it harder to find cheap car insurances. In most cases, insurance companies are likely to consider crime rates in the area where the vehicle is parked on a daily basis when they assess your premium. So even if you are tempted to go for the lowest quote in the market, read the policy through and get one which would be most suited for your needs. The first step to getting an affordable insurance quote would depend on the type of car you drive. If you have settled for a car which has a small engine and no modifications then the insurance premiums will not be high. High performance vehicles with souped-up engines will attract higher premiums.

If you are just about to buy a car, look for one in the insurance groups 1 - 4 because these are the cars with a low premiums. You can find out which cars fall into these groups by checking various website, such as the Association of British Insurers. These insurance groups are categorized based on factors which include vehicle performance, repair cost, repair time, car value and security.

For instance, if the car is valued at £5000 or less than that you can go in for Third Party Fire & Theft cover, which is a lower level of cover.

In a lot of cases, the cost of comprehensive cover would be more that the cost of the car itself. So it would be worth your while to check out the quote for comprehensive insurance against policies for fire and theft only, third party, and theft only. The comparison tool available on some the insurance company websites makes this very easy.

Students would find that spending some money on security measures like an immobiliser or car alarm will lower the premium rates. But make sure that the insurance company approves of the equipment.

Coming to an agreement over the mileage limit with the insurer would also keep the premiums low. But you have to keep the mileage limit at a feasible level. There is no point in agreeing to a limit and then driving around the countryside and exceeding the limit, because your claim, in an emergency, will be denied.
Some insurance companies also offer a no-claims 'accelerator' policy. This means that the insured can earn 12 month's worth of no-claims discount in just 9 months.

Compare car insurances for students

Insurers who do offer student car insurance usually take into consideration the age and the current occupation of the student which is important to gauge the right car insurance premium for the individual in question. One important thing to remember is that it is important to shop around for insurance rates and then compare them with each other and the benefits offered by each company. This way you can get the best suitable policy for yourself. Always remember that cheap car insurance does not necessarily include the right insurance benefits for you. An insurance plan with a moderate insurance rate and adequate benefits is the cheapest insurance plan for you.

Students should never take the part of insurance lightly and if they are driving on the road they need to have insurance irrespective of the fact that they own an old banger or a modified street car. Insurance generally means that you need to be insured against causing any injury to a third party and this also includes insuring against damage to their property. It is possible for you to insure both your property and yourself and the more you want to insure for, the more amounts you will have to pay. Since students are very young drivers, they would like to get cheapest quotes on their insurance plan and this might prove to be with lot of hassles. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential to carry out a thorough research before you settle on a particular insurance product. You are sure to strike the best deals in student insurance for your car, especially if you carry out an in depth research in the market.

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