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Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Car insurance is already expensive, but in Northern Ireland is even more expensive than it is elsewhere in the UK. Car insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles on the road, and the rules and policies available in Northern Ireland are no different to those in England. The only difference is the price.

The average cost of a car insurance policy in Northern Ireland has been shown to be around 18 percent more than elsewhere, at £681. Statistics also show that people in NI are less likely to shop around for a bargain on UK sites like, with only 54 percent of people bothering to shop around for the best deal. Are you one of those people who could find something cheaper?

Car Insurance Quotes Northern Ireland

Car insurance quotes are a great idea wherever you live, but with the extra costs associated with Northern Irish deals you would do well to ensure you get the best bargain. You can check out comparisons, and also check out insurance companies local to you. Get quotes from everyone who you will potentially do business with, and really seek out the cheapest and best policy you can find.

Remember that your car insurance will be based on your individual circumstances, the car, your age, your past record, and the level of cover that you require, from third party to full cover. This will all affect your overall price. The best way to keep the price down is to try and drive safely and earn a no-claims bonus, which will dramatically reduce your premiums.

Classic Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Cruising through Belfast in your classic car, what could be a better feeling? Getting insurance for your classic car is exactly the same as insuring any other road worthy vehicle. As long as is the car is in good condition and is legal and safe you should have no problem finding insurance from the usual providers.

Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland

Taxi insurance in Northern Ireland is not the cheapest. As already stated car insurance in general is 18 percent higher than in the UK, and taxi insurance is more expensive because taxi drivers tend to spend a lot of time on the road. That said it is possible to get a good deal by shopping around, or by having that all important no claims bonus.