Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Car Insurance in Northern Ireland is more expensive compared to other parts of the UK. Car insurance NI is legal for all vehicles on the road. Northern Ireland car insurance policies are the same as those for England. The only difference is the price.

The average cost of motor insurance Northern Ireland is estimated to stand at £681, which is 18 per cent more compared to other regions in the UK. It is because:

  • There are fewer insurers in Northern compared to the UK mainland
  • Most of the population in Northern Ireland is the young population
  • Most of the roads in Northern Ireland are single carriageway
  • There are more compensation payouts
  • Drivers travel longer distances compared to the rest of the UK

Statistics show that only 54 percent of residents bother to shop around to get a cheap car insurance policy Northern Ireland. The rest are less likely to shop around. If you are among those who shop around on the UK sites, Compare the Market will help you get a car insurance quote Northern Ireland. However, if you want to compare the prices further, Money Supermarket is an excellent option.

Car Insurance Quotes Northern Ireland

Car insurance quotes Northern Ireland comes at an extra charge in Northern Ireland unlike other places in the UK. To get the best deal, then you should shop around. As you check for car insurance online NI, make sure to locate a local car insurance company. You can ask for quotes from your business associates and referrals as you seek to get cheap car insurance policy Northern Ireland.

Insurance quote Northern Ireland depends on an individual case such as the car, your age, driving record and the level of the cover you want. If you’re going to get a cheap car insurance Northern Ireland, you need to drive safely so that you can earn a no claims bonus. This way, you will reduce your premiums drastically.

Reduce Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Of you want to get a cheap auto insurance Northern Ireland, there are certain aspects you need to know. For instance, your age dramatically determines the price of insurance. Older people get cheap insurance policies since they have more experience. However, if you are a young person and you are looking for a competitive car insurance quote NI, you can:

  • Choose a car with a smaller engine
  • Park your vehicle in secure parking or garage
  • Go for telematics (black box)insurance
  • Insure several cars under the same policy
  • Compare quotes before picking an insurer

Classic Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Getting car insurance in Belfast is the same as insuring any other roadworthy vehicle. Getting cheaper car insurance for your classic car should not be a problem. It is also the same as acquiring cheap car insurance in county Antrim. The only difference is the price, but all the policies are all the same.

Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland

Taxi Insurances in Northern Ireland is 18 percent higher compared to other parts of the UK. Taxi insurances are higher because drivers spend more time on the road. However, shopping around or having a no claims bonus will help you get cheaper taxi insurance.

Car Insurance for Women Northern Ireland

Did you know that if you are a woman you can get cheap car insurance for women to cover you while driving on the road? Women car insurance NI is available for all levels ranging from Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive policies. You can compare car insurance online NI to get a better bargain. If you wish to reduce insurance Northern Ireland, make sure to drive carefully and have no claims bonus and get to reduce monthly premiums. Also, shop around and you could get various websites that will provide you with insurance quote Northern Ireland.