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guide to home insurance in uk

Home Insurance in the UK

Home insurance is a policy that protects your home and its contents from theft and damages as a result of accidents like fires or flooding. Home insurance has two main coverage; buildings insurance and contents insurance. Buildings insurance covers your home’s fixtures like roofing, walls, bathroom and fittings. Contents insurance covers the belongings in your …

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Buy To Let Insurance Comparison

Buy to let insurance is a type of landlord insurance that protects a landlord when they lease their properties. It is more specialized insurance compared to home insurance. Unlike standard home insurance, buy to let insurance covers you against many risks. Sometimes things can go wrong; it can be the tenant’s fault, while other times, …

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6 month contents insurance

6 Month Home Insurance

A typical home insurance is renewed annually. However, like any other form of insurance, insurers strive to sell to you a policy that will suit your needs rather than providing a one-size-fits-all. A 6-month home insurance is one of the modified covers that are available in the UK. It is often purchased if you intend …

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Landlord Insurance in the UK

A long term investment is an excellent way of securing your future and those of your dependants. That is why landlord insurance is critical for those with rental properties. A rental property is a long term investment and source of income. However, some unprecedented incidences could happen such as accidents and destroy your source of …

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Compare Landlord Insurance

The UK has several landlord insurance providers to choose from. You need to get landlord insurance that fits your requirements. This article is a guide to what to look for and help you compare landlord insurance UK. Landlord insurance comparison is critical, especially when you want to save some money. The article will also help …

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Comparing Home Insurances

Home insurance is essential not only in the UK but also elsewhere across the globe. You need to protect your home against damages resulting from fire, floods, vandalism and break-ins. These are risks you cannot avoid, especially if you will be travelling and leaving your house unoccupied. Therefore, you must get a good home insurance …

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landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance

As a landlord, you have to be at the beck and call of your tenants. Dealing with renter’s housing dilemmas, damage to property and ensuring all goods and equipment are in full working order. Depending on your renters, this can be a tiresome job – students for example, have a reputation for creating more excessive …

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temporary house insurance unoccupied

Short Term Home Insurance

When you need to leave your property vacant, whether for renovations or vacations, consider temporary or short-term home insurance to protect against potential damage while it’s empty. This is especially important if your standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover unoccupied properties. One of the places you can go to when looking cheap for quotes for temporary …

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household insurance ni

Home insurance Northern Ireland

While home insurance isn’t mandatory in Northern Ireland, it’s highly recommended for property owners. It protects your home against various potential damages, including fire, floods, and lightning. Repairing or rebuilding after an accident can be expensive, making comprehensive home insurance a valuable investment. Who Needs Home Insurance in Northern Ireland? Home insurance in NI is …

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